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Graduation and commencement

By A. Ray Lee Columnist  Memories of the past surfaced earlier this month when I received graduation announcements from several proud students who are taking ... Read more

The memory of 1Lt. Larry Cotten 

By Jacob Hatcher  Community Columnist   For the most part, he’s just been a name on my wrist for the last decade or so. When I ... Read more

Beware of snakes   

By Clif Knight  Geanell and I are both farm transplants. We grew up on a seldom-used dirt road about a quarter mile apart. We were ... Read more

Have you been united with Christ?  

By Todd Barrier   I’ve heard so many conversations through the years from people who aren’t satisfied with their relationship with God. They want to grow, ... Read more

With what are you filling your head? 

By Todd Barrier   The other day my daughter and I were on a long road trip together. On the way, we decided to have a ... Read more

Be prepared to vote May 24 

By Beth Chapman  Voting is a sacred freedom, and one we should all hold dear. Election Day is the one day you get to freely ... Read more

Decoration Day at Lebanon

A. Ray Lee Columnist  Last Sunday was Decoration Day at Lebanon – the final day of an event that began on Friday when those with ... Read more

A long, hot summer 

Clif Knight  Wendell Messer was not a normal freewheeling, fun-loving 16-year-old country boy. He was a misfit in a broken family, taken to smoking, cursing ... Read more

Electricity for all 

Jacob Hatcher  Columnist  Since the beginning of time, darkness hovered over the surface of what now constitutes the South Eastern Conference. Then in 1933, FDR ... Read more

High praise for low unemployment 

By Beth Chapman   Just about everyone who wants a job in most parts of Alabama should have one by now with unemployment at 2.9 percent.  That ... Read more

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