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Do you belong to the Lord?

By Todd Barrier “The Battle Belongs to the Lord” is an old-time inspiring hymn. It’s all about how we can defeat our enemy because God ... Read more


By Jacob Hatcher Community Columnist In A River Runs Through It, the narrator is watching his brother cast into a beautiful Montana stream and says ... Read more

Now what?

By A. Ray Lee Columnist The forty-five-year-old all-pro quarterback sat alone and dejected on the sidelines as the final seconds ticked off the clock in ... Read more

The season for basketball

By Clif Knight The season is for basketball Watching basketball is a good thing to do on winter days when it’s too cold to be ... Read more

Are you serving Him?

By Todd Barrier As children of God, we have all been given a calling – a mission. I like to call Matthew 28:18-20 our mission ... Read more

United through prayer

By A. Ray Lee Columnist The stadium was filled with avid partisan fans giving vocal support to the players on the field. It was nearing ... Read more

Opryland USA

By Jacob Hatcher Community Columnist In their sin, there are those who make the banjo the butt of their jokes. Plenty are the references to ... Read more

Country boy transportation

By Clif Knight My brother Billy and me jumped with joy when we saw the mail carrier stop at our mailbox and unload a big ... Read more

Is God your problem solver?

By Todd Barrier There is a really good story about David in the Bible that I think we can relate to. As David was traveling ... Read more


By Jacob Hatcher Community Columnist I was wading in a little inlet of the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of Haiti when the missionary leading ... Read more

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