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My next 32 years

My, how time flies.   My sister sent me a text this morning to wish me a happy birthday said I was now officially an old lady. I ... Read more

Return to normalcy

Now that we have endured more than a year of government-imposed mandates related to the COVID–19 virus, it’s about time for us to turn our ... Read more

Where do you get your morals?

By Todd Barrier   Recently I heard a sermon about moral authority. The premise was that if there was no God, there would be no standard for moral ... Read more

A few days remain to vote in second-annual Best of Best contest

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the Reader’s Choice Awards ballots that have been published in the newspaper for the past several weeks, along with the articles urging our readers ... Read more

Recyclables save day

One of the benefits of living on a mini-farm in the city is having extra space to store things that might not serve a useful purpose ... Read more

Are you a fan or a follower?

By Todd Barrier   Recently we began a Bible class at our congregation called “Not A Fan.” The series is centered on the difference between being a fan of and being a ... Read more

First to the field

The first workers to hit the Clay County fields where I grew up were cotton choppers.   They appeared in droves, working with sharpened hoes – some bareheaded, some ... Read more

Dietrich says it best with thoughts celebrating ‘beginning of end’

I’m getting shot Friday.   In honor of the momentous occasion of scheduling my first COVID-19 vaccine, I want to share portions of a column written Dec. ... Read more

Where will you be?

By Todd Barrier   As COVID-19 numbers continue to go down and mask mandates are lifted, many churches are transitioning back to normal classes/services.   One thing this pandemic ... Read more

He did not have to

By Randy Garrison  This past Sunday the sermon topic was, “That Offends Me.”   The message centered on what the cross really means and how some folks are turned off by ... Read more

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