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The Twilight Zone

Think back to the popular television series of a generation ago, “The Twilight Zone.”   The bizarre circumstances ordinary folks found themselves trapped in were imaginary ... Read more

Mayor shares COVID-19 update

With each day bringing new changes to the COVID-19 situation,this information might change by the time it comes out in print. I wanted to share ... Read more

Coping with a pandemic

What a relief it was for me to turn my attention away from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and spend some quality time working outdoors.   I’m thankful ... Read more

In times of uncertainty

By Todd Barrier In times of uncertainty I like to remember John 16:33:   “These things I have spoken to you that in Me you may have peace. In ... Read more

Toilet tissue dilemma

In my rush to the store to stock up for what would soon become the coronavirus pandemic, I was dumbfounded when I reached the paper ... Read more

Letting others impress us

By Phillip Hines  A newly–graduated lawyer had just opened an office.   A shadow appeared on the other side of the frosted glass in the door. He thought, ... Read more

A look back at influenza

Prior to the current situation, the most recent instance of a pandemic confronting Alabama and the nation was the Spanish flu crisis, which occurred a little more than a ... Read more

Coronavirus, be gone

How is it that something that can’t be seen by the naked eye can cause the stock market to dip 10 percent in a single ... Read more

A look back at tobacco

Even though it has only been in relatively recent times that the health hazards associated with the use of tobacco products have been universally recognized, ... Read more

A doctor’s best friend

My health was breezing along just fine until this past Thursday, when I decided to abandon another day of televised reports on the status of the coranavirus flu outbreak ... Read more

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