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Are you connected?

By Todd Barrier   This summer and fall, during the pandemic/lockdown, I have been doing weekly video devos for our youth group. They are called 5X5 devos, where I have a Bible verse or set of verses ... Read more

A Look Back at Thomas Clifton Almon, Part 1

Fewer and fewer of us have personal memories of the man who served as probate judge of Morgan County longer than any other.    He was already ... Read more

No need to complain

By Randy Garrison    This past Sunday at Hartselle First United Methodist Church, Pastor Mike Pope used the text of Exodus 15:22-27, in which the children of Israel complained about ... Read more

Week on the beach

By Clif Knight  Being shut in our home for eight months because of COVID-19, our interaction with others has been confined to occasional visits with relatives and infrequent trips ... Read more

Do you want to see Jesus this week?

By Phillip Hines  It was the last week of Jesus’ life. Many things were on His mind.   One thing that bothered Him was the empty, hollow religion ... Read more

Happy New Year, fiscally speaking

By Randy Garrison For the Enquirer The City of Hartselle as many other municipalities and governmental organizations operates on a fiscal year, which runs from ... Read more

Introduction to basketball

Competitive basketball at the junior high, high school and collegiate levels is fast approaching. As we look forward to the start of a new season, it ... Read more

Are you ready for life-or-death situations?

By Todd Barrier    Early Saturday morning, 1:40 a.m., after a long day beginning Friday at 6 a.m., the moment we had been waiting for was happening. Our son was about to ... Read more

Last veggies of fall

My trips to the farmers market in Hartselle were short-lived this past summer when a bountiful crop of tomatoes played out earlier than usual and their ... Read more

A look back to Cotton Country

Many years ago Alabama was referred to as the Cotton State because so much cotton was grown here. Over the years, as places like Morgan County have become more industrialized ... Read more

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