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It’s a trap

By Todd Barrier  This past Sunday in our evening Bible class, we began a study on the minor prophets. First up was a lesson on Hosea.   In the book of ... Read more

A look back at parties for youngsters, adults

North Alabama – and especially Hartselle – has never lacked for parties. This column looks at some of the parties of past years as well as additional events in the ... Read more

Mail-order school clothes

Much like the thrill us kids got from drinking an ice-cold Coca Cola, Pepsi or Nehi Orange at the general merchandise store was the thrill that accompanied the arrival of the ... Read more

Depot Days: One more ‘no’ for 2020

By Randy Garrison Well folks, it seems I have spent more time in the past few months saying “no” about something than I have during my ... Read more

A Look Back: Hartselle schools, churches, civic clubs

Nov. 9, 1933—John J. Sparkman, a Hartselle native now residing in Huntsville, is governor-elect of the Alabama Kiwanis district. He is now in attendance at the annual civic club’s council meeting of Kiwanis International ... Read more

Hartselle memories, part 2

By Randy Garrison  A couple of weeks ago I shared my memories of Hartselle when it had two hospitals. There were a lot of comments on that column, so I thought I would ... Read more

Saturday afternoon frolic

In some ways, the dog days of August left much to be desired when I was a kid growing up on a farm in the ... Read more

Is your faith ready to weather a storm?

By Todd Barrier   At the moment I am writing this article, there is a storm going on around me.   The thunder is rolling. The wind is blowing ... Read more

The legislature and education

The Burleson family has supported education for a long time. One of this family’s most notable supporters was Rufus C. Burleson, who served as president of what is now Baylor University ... Read more

We still have them

Who would’ve thought it?  Some of the places and things that helped describe Hartselle 59 years ago when my family moved to Hartselle haven’t changed. ... Read more

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