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Hartselle Police Department: 2 ; Decatur, Ga: 0

By Randy Garrison If you have lived in Hartselle for any length of time, you may have heard the reference to our city being “Mayberry.” ... Read more

Three rules for life

By Phillip Hines Once an elementary school principal addressed her students:  “Children, three things are very important,” she began. “First, we want you to be ... Read more

A Look Back at mules

In the period before the introduction of tractors and mechanized farming, mules were essential for any farmer to perform the work tasks he had to ... Read more

The have-nots of the past

 Boys of poor farm families who grew up in Alabama during the Great Depression and post-World War II era had a hard time feeling content ... Read more

Cain and Abel

By Todd Barrier If you are a Christian, you have heard the story of Cain and Abel many times.  The story centers on Cain murdering ... Read more

And a child shall lead them

By Randy Garrison One of the things I truly miss about working with the newspaper is all the time I was able to spend in ... Read more

Watch out for mad dogs

Growing up in rural Alabama during the Depression and World War II years had its drawbacks as well as benefits.  My siblings and I had ... Read more

Then there was television

Watching the 48-inch television set in our den, with its push button remote controls and over 200 viewing channels, leaves me with a nostalgic feeling ... Read more

He had it all

By Phillip Hines In Luke 18:18-23 you have the story of a young ruler who was rich. He came to Jesus wanting to know what ... Read more

Hartselle Park & Rec on the move

By Randy Garrison Since it is Labor Day when I am writing this column I thought I would share a few of the projects our ... Read more

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