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Blessed day

The other afternoon, I was visiting the hospital. I got on the elevator with a stranger.  The door opened on my selected floor. As I ... Read more

A Look Back at Morgan County’s first Alabama governor

Many older Enquirer readers will remember the last governor of Alabama to come from Morgan County. He was Albert Preston Brewer, who succeeded to the governorship when the ... Read more

Our love affair with TV

A battery-operated table model Zenith radio ushered in a new era of entertainment for our farm family in 1938, but it paled in comparison to the ... Read more

A Look Back at poorhouses

Many years ago, before the advent of pensions and various assistance  programs, impoverished men and women who had no relatives who could furnish them with the ... Read more

Bumper stickers

By Phillip Hines   While driving, I like to amuse myself with other people’s bumper stickers and vanity license plates. Have you noticed lots of people have ... Read more

A look back at Halloween

Tomorrow, Oct. 31, is Halloween.   I can remember going to Halloween carnivals in the old combination gym-auditorium at Morgan County High School. I especially enjoyed ... Read more

A hog-killing day

The arrival of cold weather reminds me of a hog-killing day in rural East Central Alabama three-quarters of a century ago. If cotton was the ... Read more

A look back at the Puryear family

For many years the Puryear family was one of the most civically-active families in Hartselle.  Like other families, they had originally chosen to settle here. ... Read more

Halloween alternatives

Hartselle youngsters will have it made Oct. 31 as they celebrate Halloween with pockets filled with yummy sweets. While some will stick to the time-honored ... Read more

Walking: worth the time and effort

By Randy Garrison About three months ago I decided I needed to lose some more weight. I have been challenged by my doctor to lose ... Read more

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