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Valentine’s Day flashback

Valentine’s Day is an observance that keeps on giving no matter how old you and your sweetheart are.  I was an elementary school student during ... Read more

A Look Back: Typhoid Fever

As the 19th century transitioned into the 20th, typhoid fever was taking the lives of more Alabamians, including people living here in Morgan County, than any other ... Read more

A Look Back: Early auto problems

Since this area, along with the rest of the South, was impoverished following the Civil War, it was slow to adopt the new technology represented ... Read more

The barn’s role on our farm

The barn played an important role in the life and adventures of our family farm when I was a child in the 1930s and 1940s.   ... Read more

A Look Back: Children at play

One of the most enchanting aspects of childhood is unstructured play, either alone or with other children.   In many ways, things are worse now than in ... Read more

Winter loses its grip

Looking for signs of spring is something I enjoy doing this time of year when the dark, damp, cold days of winter begin to lose ... Read more

How courageous are you? 

By Todd Barrier   Courage is something Christians need. In fact, we talk about it all of the time.   One of the most often–used Bible verses on the subject is ... Read more

A Look Back at Hewlett, Roberts families 

By Dr. Bill Stewart Oct. 5, 1892—A. A. Hewlett, one of the oldest citizens of Morgan County, died early this afternoon at the advanced age of ... Read more

Country-style healthcare 

By Clif Knight  With all the television time and printer’s ink devoted to healthcare, it’s no small miracle that any of us who were born in the ... Read more

Season brings winter weather oddities to mind 

With the onset of another winter season, I am reminded of a long string of weather oddities I have experienced in my lifetime. One of ... Read more

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