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The Melody of Pages

It’s handy, having the world at our fingertips. Even though I lived it, it is hard to imagine there once was a time when we ... Read more

Harbingers of Spring   

A. Ray Lee  Columnist  A few weeks ago, we shivered through an arctic blast of bone-chilling weather. At the time spring seemed far in the ... Read more

AFC Champs

I’ve always been a rule follower. It’s just my disposition. It’s not rooted in any righteousness or self-discipline; it just never occurred to me that ... Read more

What is love?   

A. Ray Lee Columnist  February has long been known as the season in which romance is celebrated in various ways. Customs have greatly changed in ... Read more

Milestones in life 

A. Ray Lee Columnist February 7 will mark the 64th anniversary of my ordination into vocational Christian ministry. At the request of the Bienville Mission ... Read more

Talkin’ To Papa

To the younger generation, it may come as a shock to know that there was a time when we did not carry cameras around in ... Read more


I know it’s a cliche to say I love my truck and I try to not succumb to cliches when possible, but as Emily Gilmore ... Read more


It’s not often we get winter weather here in North Alabama, but when we do we make sure we do it completely. Last Monday the ... Read more

Nature’s symphony

A. Ray Lee Columnist Nature’s symphony skillfully blends together sounds that are soothing to the mind and soul. I have an old CD that captures ... Read more

New Year celebrations   

By A. Ray Lee    Columnist  We did little celebrating of the arrival of a new year when I was growing up on a small ... Read more

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