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Oops, no cell phone

Some members of my family are hooked on the use of their cell phones to keep track of current events as well as to send ... Read more

2020 – A year that will be remembered

By Randy Garrison I have heard several folks mention that as of Jan. 1, 2021, 2020 will be hindsight.   While none of us have answers for the year ... Read more

How is your prayer life?

By Todd Barrier   Have you ever thought about your dependency on prayer?   Do you include prayer as an important part of your life? Do you have ... Read more

The reason to celebrate

One of the things I’ll miss the most this Christmas is not being able to go to First Baptist Church in Hartselle on Christmas Eve ... Read more

A Look Back at buggies

Two days before Christmas 1900, many Hartselle young men would be wishing for new buggies they could go courting in.    Even though developments that would be important in ... Read more

Bethlehem shares breaking news

By Randy Garrison  Words from Casting Crowns’ “While You Were Sleeping” share what happened in Bethlehem that night more than 2,000 years ago. The lyrics note:  “A giant star lights ... Read more

How are you using your voice for God?

By Todd Barrier   Imagine some soldiers are facing an onslaught of enemy soldiers.   Their general arrives, and they are relieved. They ask him if he brought the “big guns” ... Read more

A Look Back at babies

The homes of many young families will be made much happier this Christmas season because of the birth of a little one since last year. The birth rate for the U.S. in 2019 was almost 12 births per 1,000 ... Read more

Another Christmas season

Everywhere, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – with a jolly hello to Santa Claus and a “bah humbug” to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Signs of the holiday ... Read more

Have you shown partiality?

By Todd Barrier   We’ve all heard of the story of the church that was getting a new preacher. The day came that he was going to be introduced, ... Read more

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