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The Witching Hour 

By Jacob Hatcher  Community Columnist  We were sitting on the couch when our five-year-old emerged from his room and said, “My friend said that ghosts ... Read more

Mother’s Day memories 

By Clif Knight   I remember my mother as an extremely hard-working woman who rose above meager circumstances to become a patient and understanding mother who ... Read more

A visit with old friends

By A. Ray Lee Columnist  I was delighted when Frank and Sandy, friends from many years ago, came by recently for a long-overdue visit. Frank ... Read more

Will you be about God this summer? 

By Todd Barrier   Summer is on its way. As is always the case, summer is a time full of activity. We can get caught up ... Read more

Be still and know  

By Todd Barrier   The word Selah can be found in many scriptures throughout the Bible. One example is Psalm 62:8 where the Bible says, “Trust ... Read more

Financial Literacy  

By Beth Chapman  We’ve just completed the month designated by US Lawmakers as Financial Literacy Month. It would appear many of them aren’t financially literate ... Read more

The influence of a faithful mother

By A. Ray Lee  Columnist   When the hospice director called, I closed my reference books, put away sermon notes and hurried to the hospital to ... Read more

Blackberry vines in bloom 

By Clif Knight  Seeing blackberry vines in full bloom around the edges of my garden last week reminded me that spring has sprung and summer ... Read more


By Jacob Hatcher  Community Columnist   Her birth certificate read Mary Ellen Winters. To her brothers, she was Sister. To my Daddy and uncles, she was ... Read more


By Todd Barrier   John 3:16 is possibly the most known or most popular Bible verse in the world. It says, “For God so loved the ... Read more

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