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Thank you to encouragers  

By Rebekah Yancey  This job can sometimes be a difficult one, and just like many career paths, it can make you doubt your perseverance and “stick-to-itiveness,” as my dad likes to ... Read more

Hospital merry-go-round  

By Clif Knight  If you’ve ever ridden on a merry-go-round, you know what it’s like to go round and round in a circle and wind ... Read more

I will lift up my eyes 

By A. Ray Lee On a crisp October morning I sat by a large picture window to watch the day break over the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. From where I ... Read more

Thank you to the encouragers  

This job can sometimes be a difficult one, and just like many career paths, it can make you doubt your perseverance and “stick-to-itiveness,” as my ... Read more

New every morning 

By Phillip Hines  Hartselle church of Christ  Jeremiah spent about 40 years warning the Judean Jews that divine judgment would come unless they chose to repent and ... Read more

Something good from nothing 

By Clif Knight  Hartselle Hospital commanded a hilltop north of downtown for more than half a century. Incrementally, it developed into a 150-bed medical facility with a medical team and support ... Read more

A forgotten holiday 

By A. Ray Lee Columnist  Sept. 12, a national holiday honoring a large segment of the American population quietly passed with little recognition.   Perhaps it is because this holiday occurs on a Sunday, and does not offer paid time off ... Read more

Have a blest day 

By A. Ray Lee  Columnist  I finished a delicious meal made more enjoyable by the service of a waitress who was both professional and personal.   She ... Read more

Old McDonald’s Farm 

By Clif Knight  Our farm looked a lot like the musical Old McDonald’s Farm in the 1940s and 1950s. It had mules, cows, hogs, chickens, ... Read more

Big news pervades City of Hartselle 

By Randy Garrison Just a few weeks ago, there was planning meeting held between city department heads and City Council members. This was a public meeting that was ... Read more

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