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He did not have to

By Randy Garrison  This past Sunday the sermon topic was, “That Offends Me.”   The message centered on what the cross really means and how some folks are turned off by ... Read more

From sunup to sundown

Not a day passes when I’m working in my garden that I’m not reminded of the long, sweat-drenched days I spent in the fields plowing ... Read more

Spring fever

By Erin Elledge Burleson    There is something so special about spring. March is here, and with it comes warmer weather, more daylight hours, blooming buds, green grass, ... Read more

What kind of soil are you tending to prepare for Godly living?

By Todd Barrier   Today we come to the final piece in our series about the Parable of the Sower.   So far we have looked at three kinds of soil Jesus ... Read more

Help needed – literally

By Randy Garrison For the Enquirer Working on this week’s column submission, it is hard to believe it is already March 15. Spring is here, and I ... Read more

Basketball from the past

As we look forward to the start of the NCAA basketball tournament and the Crimson Tide’s opportunity to compete for a national title, it would be an ... Read more

Muddling through allergy season

Is it too late to take back what I said this past week about how much I love spring?   Not four days after I went on and on ... Read more

What kind of soil are you preparing for Him?

By Todd Barrier   So far, we have looked at the wayside soil and the rocky road soil in our article series about the “Parable of the ... Read more

Spring is springing

It’s the time of year when even the birds are excited the air is warming up and the flowers are blooming again.   If spring hasn’t fully ... Read more

Springtime chores loom

What a difference two weeks can make when it comes to a seasonal change in the weather.   It seems like only yesterday that I parked the riding ... Read more

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