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Everyone needs a star

By A. Ray Lee Columnist By now most of our new year’s resolutions have been trashed like the paper in which our Christmas gifts were ... Read more

A hospital stay I won’t forget

By Clif Knight Seven weeks ago, I was admitted to Huntsville Hospital to have surgery to repair a damaged spine. The decision to operate was ... Read more

Sunday school at the Post Oak  

By A. Ray Lee  Columnist  On an early January hunt, I led a group of men and placed them on a seldom-used stand line. The ... Read more

New Year’s Day 

By Jacob Hatcher  Community Columnist   New Year’s weekend found my family and me in Colbert County, Alabama, a place that to me is nearly as ... Read more

Where is your hope found? 

By Todd Barrier   In Hebrews 10:23, the Bible says “Let us hold fast the confession of [our] hope without wavering, for He who promised ... Read more

Silver dollar Christmas tree

By Jacob Hatcher Community Columnist Having spent a handful of years delivering Christmas trees, I have seen a wide variety of Christmas decorations. I’ve seen ... Read more

The Christmas story

By Clif Knight Families celebrate the Christmas holiday in a variety of ways. They range from decorating their homes and grounds with brightly lit trees ... Read more

A divine birth announcement

By A. Ray Lee Columnist The darkness of night had settled over the little town of Bethlehem and its surrounding fields and pastures. Shepherds had ... Read more

Be joyful and exceedingly thankful

By Todd Barrier Many times, when we think of the birth of Christ certain images or thoughts pop in our heads. Maybe it’s Mary and ... Read more

Memory lane

By Todd Barrier Recently, driving back from Decatur, nostalgia kicked in. I drove past Lowe’s and remembered the tall grassy field that used to be ... Read more

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