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A look back at L&N shops

For many years the largest industrial employer in Morgan County was the Louisville and Nashville Railroad’s boxcar construction shops located in New Decatur – later ... Read more

Who will be in heaven?

By Todd Barrier  Who will be in heaven? You’ve probably heard this question before.  Sometimes it’s an honest question from someone who really wants to ... Read more

Home for MJ

By Randy Garrison Last week I was invited to attend the Morgan County Habitat for Humanity Hardhat Breakfast, held each year at First Bible Church ... Read more

Green thumb swap shop

Hartselle Farmers Market offers gardeners and small farmers more than a safe, convenient place to sell the fruits and vegetables they grow. Since the market ... Read more

A Look Back at George Hartsell

The histories of the South and North Alabama Railroad and that of Hartselle are inextricably linked. If there had been no “South and North,” there ... Read more

Was it worth it?

By Phillip Hines  The young woman was nervous. It was her first day on the job, and somehow, she mixed up the order for this ... Read more

A look back at corruption

Rankings of states, counties and cities are common items in the news. So are those of colleges and universities.   One of the most recent rankings ... Read more

Friday night football

The game of football continues its remarkable run as the No. 1 Friday night sporting event in Hartselle.  I was reminded of that Friday when ... Read more

Actions can and do make a difference

By Randy Garrison This morning I was thinking about what I would like to share this week. Most weeks I have a topic by Sunday ... Read more

‘Give wind and tide a chance to change’

By Todd Barrier For the Enquirer Admiral Byrd was an explorer of the Antarctic. On one occasion, he and his crew were locked in Antarctic ... Read more

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