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Books of the week June 21

“You Deserve Each Other” 
By Sarah Hogle

Naomi Westfield and Nicholas Rose are engaged to be married- but neither one of them seems too thrilled about it.  When the relationship was new, things were great.  But as time went on, and impressions had to be made, somewhere they lost themselves in being overly polite.  Now Naomi feels stuck with a wedding she doesn’t want and it’s all paid for by her future monster-in-law, Deborah.  Naomi figures she has to get Nicholas to break up with her so that she doesn’t get stuck with the bill, and she thinks she knows just how to do that.  But Nicholas proves to be better at this game than she expected.  Now their relationship is a “game of chicken”.   Can their relationship be saved or are they already doomed?   


Title: “Wicked Beauty” 

Author: Katee Robert 

Reading Level: Adult 

 Wicked Beauty is the newest book in the “Dark Olympus” series by Katee Robert. In this book, Helen Kasios is determined to make her own way and the competition to become the new Ares is the way she wants to do it. She’s tired of everyone seeing her as a princess living in a gold tower. However, the Ares competition will be ruthless and all of the competitors are trained warriors, soldiers, or criminals. She will have to put her strength to the test if she wants to come out on top. 

This book is a great addition to the “Dark Olympus” series. This book follows three of the previously mentioned characters as they try to make a name for themselves. This book is a must read for readers who like dark romances and new adult novels. You can find this book on Hoopla as an audiobook and an eBook.