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Journey Church hosted sweetheart party

I don’t know how the people as a whole feel but I have been so disgusted while listening to all the politicians. As far as I can tell, we don’t have anyone, Democrat or Republican, who knows enough to run our country.

I think we are in trouble. Oh, we have been in trouble for a while. Our country has been going down for years. I know that we all don’t see things the same and that’s part of the greatness of our country. We have freedom to think for ourselves but we need to start thinking together about what’s best for our country and its people.

How much do we know about our leaders and our future leaders? Not enough. For instance, I was going through some books and papers I had saved from a few years ago. I had saved an article from a newspaper. It was about our first ladies and stories about them. We think things are bad and mixed up now, but you should read this article. The story that stands out most was about Mary Todd Lincoln.

I remember reading that she was a very troubled and strange lady and caused a lot of trouble, but did you know she held séances in the White House? We all know all those things are evil. Poor Abe had to work to save a nation and put up with this woman, too, and probably keep her under control. Well, did we stop to think that one man who is running for president has a wife who was seeing him while he was still living with his former wife? Also, we don’t even know if any of these people are born again Christians.

I pray we will all wake up before it’s too late. Someone recently told me that the song “Jesus is Coming Soon, Morning, Night or Noon” is true. I pray we will all be ready. Please don’t think I am a fanatic, maybe a little for the truth.

We have had hard times lately. Friends of ours lost a precious baby that was 19 months old, at the same time there were two more precious babies at Peck Funeral Home. Then, last week, we lost a friend from childhood. We need to pray for all these families.

Bobby and Pat Beavers recently enjoyed a vacation to the sunny state of Florida. I can’t help but envy them. They said they had a wonderful time. Their daughter, Jennifer Crane took care of their uncle and aunt, Hubert and Ruby Oden while they were gone. They are okay for their age.

Mary McKelvey had her 80th birthday on Feb 3. Al and I enjoyed visiting her and took her a card and a box of chocolates. Happy late birthday, Mary.

I had a birthday on Groundhog Day, Feb 2. My kids, grandchildren and great-grandchildren showered me with gifts and my daughter and son- in-law took me to Libby’s for some wonderful catfish.

Keep in your prayers, Christine Kinney and Dorothy Hoover who are not doing well.

A great friend, Josie Nuby of Huntsville, recently enjoyed having her granddaughter Beth home from the service for a visit. Josie and I enjoy quilting and talking at the Senior Center in Eva.

Mary Minor, who recently broke her hip, is in rehab at Summerford Nursing Home. Keep her in your prayers.

Happy birthday to Brianna Stark on Valentine’s Day.

Also, happy birthday to my sweet friend Wilda McCutcheon on Feb 9.

Journey Church is hosted a Sweetheart Party on Feb 10 in observance of Valentine’s Day.