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Books of the week of October 20

Title: “10 Spooky Pumpkins”  Author and Illustrator: Gris Grimley  Ages: 4-8  Halloween is a special time of year. It’s full of spooky stories. This Halloween counting book is ... Read more

City Center Village holds special activities to honor veterans 

By Martha Jackson Veterans Day is coming, Christy Groves enjoys planning special events to honor the City Center Village veterans and let them know they are still appreciated ... Read more

NARCOG holds Socks for Seniors  

Special to the Enquirer   The North Central Alabama Regional Council of Governments is holding its annual holiday drive, Socks for Seniors.   Through the first week of ... Read more

What are you praying about?  

By Todd Barrier   How do you use prayer? That might sound like a funny question, but I think it is one we should ask ... Read more