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Title: “Spare”  Author: Prince Harry McAllister

Books of the week of Jan. 18

Title: “Wrong Place, Wrong Time”
Author: Gillian McAllister

Jen Brotherhood has just witnessed her 18-year-old son, Todd, murder a man on the street in front of their house. She knows she and her husband, Kelly, will have to go see a criminal attorney in the morning, but when morning comes, it’s yesterday. And then the day before that, and before that. Jen supposes she is stuck in a time loop so that she can figure out why Todd killed the man. She hopes that when she figures it out, she can stop it from happening, and then time will resume as normal. The more days she relives, the more secrets she discovers, and also the more questions she has. Finally, Jen has to wonder if the purpose for her being stuck in a time loop is to stop Todd, or for some other reason. She has to find out before she goes back too far…

Title: “Spare” 
Author: Prince Harry

Spare is the highly anticipated memoir from Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex. In this memoir, Harry explores his past through the lens of the present. The book follows the child who refused to grieve his mother. It follows the teenager who didn’t understand why his family didn’t act more like a normal family. It follows the young adult who struggled living under a microscope with no way out. Lastly, it follows the adult who decided to stand up for himself and finally forge his own path in the world. All of these things paint out who Prince Harry is now and why he can’t live the way his family desperately wants him to. 

Despite the media coverage, this book is not a tell-all on the royal family. The majority of the book is just reiteration of already known events from specifically Prince Harry’s perspective. This book can be found at the library and on the Libby App. Also, the audiobook is read by Prince Harry himself.