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Salute to school board members 

Dear Editor,  

January is School Board Member Recognition Month. It is a time to salute the board members’ dedication and hard work. 

The City of Hartselle is well-known for its excellent schools, and the growth of our city is a direct result of our outstanding school district. Families move to Hartselle or pay an out-of-district fee for their children to be in our schools.  

This comes from the strong leadership of our superintendent and school board. Their leadership provides a solid platform for teachers to be innovative and ensures quality education for all our students.   

The determination and commitment of the board to make our schools the best in the state is appreciated.   

Thank you, Mr. Randy Sparkman, Mrs. Monty Vest, Mr. Daxton Maze, Dr. James Joy and Mrs. Venita Jones for charting the course for our students’ success.


Beth Nancarrow Rabb 

Librarian and Instructional Partner 

Hartselle Junior High School `