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Title: “How to Catch a Gingerbread Man”   Author:  Adam Wallace; Illustrator: Andy Elkerton  

Books of the week of Dec. 22


Title: “How to Catch a Gingerbread Man”  
Author:  Adam Wallace;
Illustrator: Andy Elkerton

During a children’s story time, the gingerbread man comes to life. He traipses around the book store while the children chase after him. Traps are set in an attempt to catch him; however, the gingerbread man’s fairytale friends help him escape the children’s grasp.  

After the gingerbread man has had his fun gallivanting through the book store, he decides to give the children what we all really want: a happy ending.  

This is an adorable, fun book for children 4-7 years of age. The author takes a classic children’s tale and puts a thrilling spin on it.  

Young readers love seeing familiar characters from their favorite stories come alive in a new way. The gasps and giggles from a child as you read along will bring an even greater joy to this holiday season.  

“How to Catch a Gingerbread Man” is a new addition to our holiday collection. Come check it out at the library! 

Title: Neon Gods 
Author: Katee Roberts 
Reading Level: Adult

Persephone is the middle daughter of Demeter. As her daughter, she is expected to follow the rules set by the Thirteen. She isn’t allowed to cause a scandal. She isn’t allowed to disobey her mother’s orders. Also, no crossing the River Styx.  

She has always obeyed.  

However, Persephone sees rebellion as her only option when her mother announces she will be giving her daughter to Zeus to be his new bride. Persephone refuses to be used and discarded by the mad Zeus. Her plan is faulty, but crossing the River Styx into Hades’ territory is her only card to play.  

She can bet on Hades hating Zeus enough to offer her sanctuary – but Hades has his own set of rules. 

This book is the first in a new series by Katee Roberts called Dark Olympus. The new series is based on Greek mythology and the mafia. It’s a blend of romance, spice and suspense.  

This book is only suitable for adults. It can be found as an e-book on the Libby app.