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The Morgan County/Cullman County 4-H Chick Chain show

Special to the Enquirer

The Morgan County/Cullman County 4-H Chick Chain show was held Oct. 23 at the Moulton Lions Club Fairgrounds. Morgan County started the year with 27 participants and concluded with 17 youth bringing chickens to the show. Cullman County had six participants this year. Morgan County participants received four chickens from three different breeds: Silver Laced Wyandotte, Ameraucaca and Buff Orpington. The baby chicks arrived in mid-June and were about 19 weeks old by the show date. Each participant brought two pullets from one breed to the show to contend for prizes. Awards were given in three categories: Record Book, Showmanship and Breed Classes.


Cloverbud age division winners are (from left) Emma Pflueger of Morgan County, first place, and Andrew McCulloch of Morgan County, second place.

Junior age division winners are (front from left) Anna Adkins of Cullman County, first place; Kristen Grizell of Cullman County, second place; Annabelle Anton of Morgan County, third place; Lila Ashworth of Morgan County, fourth place; and Izzy Slusser of Cullman County, fifth place; and (back from left) participants Bryant Smith, Aubrey Mosteller, Hudson Boyd, Holt Moore, Jewell Jones, Adam McCulloch and Nate Hale, all of Morgan County.

Intermediate age division winners are (from left) Asher King of Cullman County, first place; Amber Adkins of Cullman County, second place; Caroline Neighbors of Cullman County, third place; Caitlin Dingbaum of Morgan County, fourth place; and Brylee Ricketts and Conrad Jones of Morgan County, fifth place.

Senior I and Senior II age divisions winners, all from Morgan County, are (from left) Senior I first place Kaylee Dingbaum, Senior I second place Noah Dry and Senior II first place Ruth Johnson.

Supreme Showman, all divisions, is Ruth Johnson of Morgan County.

Bred Classes

Ameraucana: First place, Annabelle Anton, Morgan County.

Barred Rock: First place, Isabella Slusser, Cullman County.

Black Australorp: First place, Anna Adkins, Cullman County.

Buff Orpington: (Front from left) first place, Asher King, Cullman County; second place, Kristen Grizell, Cullman County; third place, Hudson Boyd, Morgan County; fourth place, Nate Hale, Morgan County; and fifth place, Aubrey Mosteller, Morgan County; and (back from left) participants Andrew McCulloch, Jewell Jones, Holt Moore, Brylee Ricketts and Ruth Johnson of Morgan County and Amber Adkins of Cullman County.

Silver Laced Wyandotte: (Front from left) first place Emma Pflueger, second place Adam McCulloch, third place Conrad Jones, fourth place Kaylee Dingbaum and fifth place Noah Dry, all of Morgan County, and (back from left) participants Lila Ashworth, Caitlin Dingbaum and Bryant Smith, all of Morgan County.

Grand champion and reserve grand champion, from all breed classes, are Emma Pflueger of Morgan County and Asher King of Cullman County, respectively.