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Are you building up your faith? 

By Todd Barrier 

Our life is sometimes riddled with disappointments.  

Some are big and some are small. Some shake the foundations of our lives, and some are just minor inconveniences.  

Then there are those that send us down the road to depression or other negative things.  

As Christians, how do we handle these disappointments?  

In some ways, we have to handle them in much the same way as others. Seek help, reach out to others or find someone who has experience in the disappointment you’re going through.  

One way we can help ease the pain of disappointment is to prepare for it. Jesus tells us in John 16:33 that we will go through difficult times, but we can overcome them.  

If we wait until the bad times come to deal with them, that can be very tough. If we build our faith in the good times, then when the bad times come, we have that faith to lean on to get us through.  

Are you building up your faith for when the disappointments in life come your way?