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Rebekah Yancey, Editor

From the editor

I’m often asked about the theme of each issue of Hartselle Living, and aside from this past year’s sesquicentennial magazine and the annual bridal issue, we generally don’t have an overall theme that ties our stories together.

I rather like it that way – but with this issue, I found it interesting that under the surface of three of the stories, there is a common thread.

The remarkable part is that the stories were not chosen based on that common thread, but it exists all the same. In three of the four feature stories in this magazine, love is what ties it all together in the end.

As I sat down with each story subject to learn more about their lives and what drives them, I saw that thread developing in each story. Because of this, I’ve made a personal challenge recently to see more love around me, even in the seemingly mundane times of life.

From the cover story about the Hammonds family and how they enjoy living simply in their farmhouse on East Byrd Road, to the art gallery on Main Street, and then to Anita Buckley’s backyard garden that has been perfectly curated as her sanctuary, this magazine is filled with pockets of peace that tell the stories of what people love in Hartselle and how they are living their best lives every day.

I enjoy writing these stories of my friends and neighbors in Hartselle and hope our readers enjoy the personal touches in each issue. Your compliments do not go unnoticed.

If you know a good story that needs to be told, my email address is below, and I am always looking for the next opportunity for a good conversation.

Thanks for reading!