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Books of the Week August 25

Title: “People We Meet on Vacation” 

Author: Emily Henry 

Reading Level: Adult 


Poppy is a travel writer for the well-known travel magazine R & R.  

Traveling the world and meeting new people was her dream job. Every summer, she and her best friend Alex would travel to a new city with very little money. They would blog about how to travel while pinching pennies. However, two summers ago, their friendship fell apart.  

Now, Poppy desperately misses Alex because she thinks he is the missing piece to achieving happiness. She crosses the two years of silence and asks him to go on vacation with her.  

Will they fix their friendship, or will the two best friends become even more? 

This book is one of 2021’s hottest new adult releases. It is funny with a dose of reality.  

This book in available in print at the library and on audio in the Libby app! 


Title: “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” 

Author: Heather Morris 


This is a true story told to the author by Holocaust survivor Lale Sokolov.   

Lale was one among many who arrived at Auschwitz in 1942. He was assigned to fill a position to tattoo a number on the arm of every prisoner coming into the camp.   

Lale’s first number is for a young woman he instantly falls in love with, but he doesn’t get her name. After a while, he spots her in the camp, and they slowly get to know each other in the following months.   

Lale makes friends at Auschwitz and uses his connections to barter for food and medicine that he distributes to those who are most desperate for it. Risking his life daily for friends and strangers, Lale is always looking for the day when he will be free marry Gita.   

Miraculously, Lale survives Auschwitz and is liberated, only to find it still is not safe for “his kind” in some areas.  

He is determined to do whatever he must do to stay alive and find Gita.   

Lale’s story is hard to read at times but ultimately tells how the power of love can never be diminished by evil.