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Morgan County Arrest Reports July 2-5 

Angela D. Fletcher, 46, disorderly conduct 

Bridgett Nicole Trusty, 31, driving while license suspended, driving under the influence 

Larry Shane McClesky, 42, illegal possession of prescription drugs, writ of arrest/child support, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana 

Brandon Lee McNeal, 34, bond revoked 

Daneil Craig Abbott, 36, attempting to elude a police officer 

Joseph David Cashio Jr., 32, theft of property 

John Skylar Fox, 42, contempt of/interrupting court proceeding 

Allen Lee Carter, 37, probation violation 

Carrie Cabri Witt, 48, sex offense 

Veronica Nichole Scifert, 26, driving under the influence, possession of dangerous drugs 

Sashe Jestina Agnew, 31, violation pre-trial release 

John Fincher Doss, 55, amphetamine possession 

Thomas Wayne Morgan, 48, public intoxication 

Jurdy Wayne Hughes, 33, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, bond revoked 

Joe Thomas Swindle, 30, open container in vehicle 

Carlos Jerome Turner, 44, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia 

Edward Andrew Cranfield, 26, resisting arrest, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana 

Sashe Jestina Agnew, 31, reckless driving, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia 

Daniel E Nickles, 56, ignition interlock devices 

Michael Gwenn Sapp, 32, public intoxication, possession of marijuana 

Melody Denise Nance, 34, probation violation 

Jada Marie Moore, 29, driving under the influence 

Nakia Wayne Waits, 46, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia 

Juanita Bunn Howard, 52, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia 

Brandon Geoffery McKean, 35, probation violation 

Ameshia Lorea, 34, probation violation 

Benjamin Charles Smith, 37, bond assault 

Jonica Brooke Grant, 25, possession of heroin, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia 

Mary Elizabeth Dean, 34, possession of methamphetamine, possession marijuana, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia 

Eric Dwain Fowler, 49, shooting/throwing into occupied vehicle 

Goree Lamont Matthews, 49, public intoxication 

Austin David Wiley, 27, possession of marijuana 

Andrew Wayne Earp, 32, probation violation 

Sequnoyah Cresha Goode, 30, illegal possession of prescription drugs, reckless driving, driving under the influence 

Jaleel Jamal Young, 28, driving under the influence, operating vehicle with expired tag, lane change without proper signal, improper lane usage 

Paul Luquon Brackins, 35, public intoxication 

Russell Wade Mitchell, 46, theft of property 

Garry Ann Smith, 56, failure to appear 

Rosa Nelson Hiram Campos, 24, possession of marijuana 

Jonica Brooke Grant, 25, possession of heroin, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia 

Lacy Nicloe Ahrendt, 36, driving under the influence 

Teffany Michelle Scalf, 31, drug trafficking, possession of marijuana 

Keith Allen Pendergrass, 29, possession of dangerous drugs, drug trafficking 

Shavar D. Robinson, 37, disorderly conduct 

Baji Ali Dunigan, 36, driving while license suspended, leaving scence of accident 

Geraldo Moralez Perez, 40, driving under the influence 

April Justina Schrimsher, 26, public intoxication 

Charles T. Morris, 73, domestic violence 

Elizabeth Ann Morris, 69, domestic violence 

Timothy Jarrott Smallwood, 46, domestic violence 

Makayla Jonae Malone, 23, bond revoked 

Joy Grace Hudson, 50, theft 

Francisco Juarez Juan, 25, driving while license suspended 

April Justina Schrimsher, 26, public intoxication 

Michael Kane Cartee, 36, enter/remain in building/fenced property, bond revoked 

Spencer Tracy Smith, 60 driving under the influence 

James Allen Keeton, 34, possession of drug paraphernalia, improper lights, operating vehicle insurance, driving under the influence 

John Everette Raspberry, 49, driving under the influence 

Latosha Marie Logsdon, 35, possession of marijuana 

Raven Nicole Wall, 33, possession of marijuana 

John Henry Duncan, 28, driving with suspended license 

Dennis Dwayne Malone, 53, switched tag, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana 

Joy Grace Hudson, 50, theft 

Timothy B. Sharp, 50, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia 

Harold Allen Glenn, 55, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia 

Bobby Deangelo Jackson, 24, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia, giving false name/address to law enforcement officer 

Sara Mason Pryor, 27, domestic violence 

Timothy Don Carpenter, 45, domestic violence, coercion 

Tarrance Marques Long, 32, domestic violence 

Christopher Oneill Griffin, 23, probation violation, trespass 

Quinton Renard Davis, 31, assault 

Joseph Alexander Long, 22, assault 

Bryan Adam Burns, 34, exceeding reasonable road speed 

Elizabeth Ali Alhfsaisi, 52, theft of property 

Mickie Lynn Randall. 29. Tampering with physical evidence, possession of marijuana, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia 

Stephanie Ausban Harper, 47, using false identity to hinder prosecution 

Robert Wayne Brooks, 49, illegal possession of prohibited liquor 

Jessica Nicole Laney, 44, elder abuse and neglect 

Nathan Trevares Torain, 40, possession of marijuana 

Michaela Danielle Woodall, 34, possession of marijuana 

Brianna Nicole Franks, 23, alias writ of arrest 

Jonathan Renada Hines, 38, possession of forged instrument 

Jennifer Lachelle Gilb Adams, 45, harassment 

Kaitlin Michelle Crawford, 25, public intoxication unlawful possession drug paraphernalia with intent to sell/deliver, possession of marijuana