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Morgan County Arrest Reports June 21-27 

Todd Nathaniel Morgan, 46, driving under the influence 

Michael Drake McDuffie, 30, theft 

Derrick Ray Allen, 40, public intoxication 

Giovanni Rojas Campos, 23, attempting to elude police officers, run red light, failure to signal, reckless driving, driving under the influence 

Amanda Nicole McWhorter, 31, assault with bodily fluids 

Eric Brandon Townsend, 45, theft 

David Henderson, 28, domestic violence 

Courtney Rochelle Evans, 31, domestic violence 

Jonathon Isaiah Mosley, 22, possession of prescription drugs 

Angela Gwyn Reeves, 46, domestic violence 

Asia Marie Reeves, 25, domestic violence 

Ignacrio Ramirez Garcia, 63, domestic violence 

Carson Brooke Severinsen, 30, theft 

Danny Joel Early, 35, forged instrument, dangerous drugs 

James Dale McCormick, 50, unlawful manufacture of controlled substances 

Kellie Monroe Hurley, 37, murder 

Mario Dino Locurto, 53, ignition interlock devices 

Roger Dale Guess, Jr., 40, resisting arrest 

David Wayne Lang, 48, driving under the influence 

Johnny Darryl Strong Jr., robbery, obstruction, assault 

Jerry Lynn Jackson, 56, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia, theft 

Abel Flores Ocampo, 35, driving under the influence 

Tina Marie Childers, 52, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia, driving under the influence 

Jessica Amanda Adams, 29, public intoxication 

Donald Brian Smith, 70, public intoxication 

Carlos Jerome Turner, 44, trespass 

Montoya M Brackins, 25, obstruction governmental operations 

Rondall Earl Johnson, 69, exposure or lewd act in public 

Edward Wallace, 69, domestic violence 

Michelle Maxwell, 47, public intoxication 

Benjamin Hunter Griffin, 25, heroin possession, possession of concealed weapons without permit, possession drug paraphernalia with intent to deliver/sell, driving under the influence 

Billy Ray Drinkard, 50, open container, improper lane usage, driving under the influence 

Mitchell Tyler Drinkard, 24, attempting to elude police, failure to signal, driving while license suspended 

Mary Beth Maxwell, 32, assault chemical endangerment 

Jessica Amanda Adams, 29, public intoxication 

Dustin Joshua Abbott, 32, theft 

Robert Jason Brown, 44, driving under the influence, false identity to avoid arrest, resisting arrest 

Zackrey Dakota Lott, 30, aggravated assault of a police officer 

Michelle Maxwell, 47, illegal possession of prescription drugs 

Deangelo Lee Melendez, 28, attempting to elude a police officer 

Charles Patrick Stolz, 55, domestic violence 

David Lee Garrison, 48, possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell/distribution 

Robert Clifford Scruggs, 46, non-support of child 

Brett Ashley Abercrombie, 46, illegal possession of prescription drugs 

Gearld Randall Couch, 69, possession of methamphetamine 

Cheyanne Rain McKelvy, 23, possession of methamphetamine 

Donald Lynn Brannon, 60, using false identity to avoid arrest, hindering prosecution 

Whitney Lewis Peters, 35, possession forged instrument 

Jordan Noah Parson, 20, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia 

Alexis Sue Leigh Wade, 26, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia 

Cameron Leemon Matthews, 27, possession of marijuana 

Ashley Clemons, 31, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia 

Kiandra Marquez Thomas, 31, alias writ of arrest 

Mashaud Tyliek Lewis, 21, robbery, possession of marijuana, capital murder 

Donald Latun Brown, 43, driving under the influence, obstructed windshield 

Jonathan Edward Stegall, 29, disorderly conduct 

Jessica Rose Williamson, 35, possession of drug paraphernalia, illegal possession of prescription drugs, driving under the influence 

Howard David Venable, 41, driving under the influence 

Chris Lavon Winn, 33, buying/receiving stolen property 

Ivan De La Cruz, 37, driving under the influence 

Kayla Danielle Womack, 21, public intoxication 

Samuel Shawn Taylor, 20 domestic violence 

Jonathan Tyler Steeples, 23, alias writ of arrest 

Cynthia Wynelle Myrick, 40, carrying illegal gun, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia 

Russell Lewis Breedlove, 68, illegal possession of prohibited liquor 

Richard David Bagwell, 38, attempting to elude police officer 

Kenneth Wayne Holladay Jr., 27, public intoxication 

John Wayne Garrison, 34, illegal possession of prohibited liquor 

Jocoby Lamont Chatman, 20, switched tag, operating vehicle without insurance, exceeding reasonable road speed 

Zachary Cornez Lilley, 32, robbery 

Brian Dean Walker, 37, theft of property 

Anthony Tyler Hall, 25, public intoxication 

Alexsanyna Shanta Collier, 30, domestic violence 

Tyler Ray Bodine, 21, driving under the influence 

Anna Ellsbeth Alexander, 26, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana 

Aaron Dee Lauderdale, 37, drug trafficking 

Michael Allen Burroughs, 57, no driver’s license, expired tag 

Christopher Blake Maze, 31, theft of property 

Austin Lee Hamm, 25, driving under the influence 

Timothy James Seevers, 25, stolen property, possession of stolen vehicle 

Joseph A Schley, 40, reckless endangerment, driving on wrong side of the road, expired tag, open container 

Ashley Leighanne Smith, 33, illegal possession of prescription drugs, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia 

Jared Malcom Rose III, 29, reckless endangerment, driving under the influence, attempting to elude a police officer 

Nazario Ramirez, 28, public intoxication, trespass 

Jedidiah William Lindsey, 43, theft of property 

Trevor Desean Neville, 35, driving under the influence 

Jordan Scott Beasley, 28, possession drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana 

David William Westfall, 32, public intoxication, illegal possession of prescription drugs 

Rodney Carozade Wiggins, 34, stalking, disturbing private image with intent to harass/intimidate/coerce/intimidate person depicted 

Jessica Tousey, unlawful possession drug paraphernalia 

Jason Edward Dearborn, 25, domestic violence 

Edward Lee Turrentine, 52, expired tag, driving with revoked license 

Jeffery T Jones, 44, open container-alcohol in vehicle, driving under the influence 

Michael Andrew Smith, 31, possession of marijuana 

John Michael Hartley, 33, theft