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Happy to be home

I have never been one for road trips, and that was proven once again this weekend when, from Friday to Sunday, I was in the car for a solid 19 hours.  

Why did I agree to this 

Don’t ask because I couldn’t tell you.  

My husband’s job sent us to North Carolina this weekend and, while I would have hopped on a flight from Nashville or Huntsville in a heartbeat, my better half has never flown, and his answer every time I ask is the same: “I don’t fly.”  

He’s a little stubborn, but I have now made it a goal to change that. I have never been one for long road trips – and my aversion is only getting worse 

Speaking of things that are only getting worse: my anxiety while in Atlanta. Seriously, if you want to buy a vehicle with brandnew turn signals, just go to Atlanta because no one there uses them.  

While I am happy to be home, we did get to see some lovely parts of the country while on our trip. Saturday evening we went to Uptown Charlotte – that’s what their downtown area is called, and that’s another question I don’t have the answer to. The huge buildings made of steel and concrete were beautifully balanced by huge trees that lined the streets. Food trucks selling halal, live street performers, the stadium where the Carolina Panthers play and the NASCAR Hall of Fame were some of our favorite sights.  

I’m definitely more of a country girl. I like a slower pace with less traffic and fewer people. That’s what I’m used to and where I feel at home.  

But I wouldn’t mind another trip soon to somewhere new.  

I’ve been wanting to visit New York City for some time – this time though, I believe I will fly.