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Cerrowire announces new plant manager at Hartselle facility

Special to the Enquirer

Cerrowire has announced the addition of David Hawker as plant manager for the Hartselle facility.

Hawker has 34 years of experience in management within the electrical products manufacturing sector.

With his experience in leadership roles in the U.S. and Canada, Hawker has a unique perspective from both a market-leader and market-follower position, company officials said. His understanding of market drivers, technology capabilities and cost/financial implications in his previous role drove him to focus on factors that resulted in world-leading profit.

“David’s level of experience, expertise and industry knowledge will be instrumental in Cerrowire’s growth and continued success,” noted Cerrowire President Stewart Smallwood. “He also brings fresh eyes – and fresh ideas – to the Hartselle plant.”

Smallwood said Hawker is known for setting a strategy based on sound principles then aligning and encouraging his team to achieve that strategy.

“David understands the voice of the customer, and he simplifies the path to provide a world-class customer experience,” said Cerrowire vice president of operations Corey Schultz.

Prior to joining Cerrowire, Hawker served as vice president and general manager of Nexans Energy Division in North America, which manufactures cable and connectivity solutions.

Hawker, a native of Canada, holds a degree in applied science, with a specialty in mechanical engineering, from the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario.

When he’s not instructing and encouraging his manufacturing team toward company goals, Hawker said he enjoys boating and scuba diving with his wife in exotic locales.