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Books of the Week April 12 – 16

Book: A Court of Thorns and Roses 

Author: Sarah J. Maas 

Reading Level: Teen/Young Adult 

This novel follows the life of Feyre ArcheronFeyre is one of the humans who knows to stay away from the dangerous faeries. The faeries are dangerous and their world is even more dangerous. However, she is thrown into their world because she has to kill a faerie stuck in the form of a wolf. The faerie had wandered into the land of the humans. After fighting for her life, Fayre is kidnapped by another immortal fairy named Tamlin. She is taken as prisoner for killing a member of Tamlin’s court. Throughout the book, Feyre must learn to forget her old life. She will never go back to the human world and live the life she had planned. She is to live with the faeries as their captive till her death. Although, her rebellious personality might give her another fate. 

This novel is a thrilling fantasy adventure. Being the first in its series, this book sets the stage for a series rich in drama, romance, and adventure. This book features strong female characters who learn to fight their own battles. All of the characters throughout this book have diverse backgrounds and personalities. This combination of different characters and strong women make this series a must read for teens. This novel will keep any reader on the edge of their seats.

TitlePunk 57 

Author: Penelope Douglas 

Reading level: Adult 


Punk 57 is a new adult romance book by bestselling author Penelope Douglas.  

This book centers on Ryen and Misha. They were childhood pen pals who mistakenly got paired up by accident. Despite the mix-up, the two become fast friends.  

They remain pen pals until Misha suddenly stops writing.  

At the same time, a new kid shows up at Ryen’s school and immediately starts antagonizing her. Before she knows it, she is overly concerned about the new kid’s opinion of her.  

Will she wait for Misha to reappear, or will she fall for the new bad boy? 

This book is great for readers who love either new adult or young adult fiction.  

This book shows both Ryen and Misha’s perspectives. Both of them are older teenagers who are struggling with transitioning into adults and staying true to themselves.  

The story is complex and keeps you on the edge of your seat.  

TitleThere is a Rainbow 

Author: Theresa Trinder 

Illustrator: Grant Snider 

Reading level: Young children 

Sometimes we are separated by distance and sometimes by our feelings. The world is full of roadblocks and barriers that make us feel distant and disconnected; however, we are all just at one end of a rainbow.  

Linked together by the beauty of a rainbow, there is always something, or someone, on the other end.  

The author gives any reader hope and encouragement to look past the immediate difficulties and see inner courage, comfort and community.  

This book was inspired by the COVID-19 lockdown and is poetically told. The uplifting message helps young children understand and express how they might have been feeling throughout this year.  

It’s a timeless story set in a very modern time, showing us that hope, beauty and perseverance make us stronger and bring us together.