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Books of the Week Feb. 1 – 7

TitleA Loud Winter’s Nap 

Author and Illustrator: Katy Hudson 

Reading level: 1.9 

Target age:  35yearolds 

This picture book features a tortoise that just wants to find a quiet place to sleep away winter. His friends, however, are determined to show him winter can be fun.  

As he moves his bed from place to place, his friends keep waking him up asking if he would like to play.  

Will Tortoise learn to have fun in winter, or will he finally get to sleep it away?   

We hope you will stop by the library soon to check out this cute book and find the answer. 

See you at the library!  


Title: “13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey”  

Author: Kathryn Tucker Windham and Margaret Gillis Figh 

Reviewer: Patricia Poe 


The William Bradford Huie Library of Hartselle is trying to enhance our Alabama non-fiction section. At the top of our list to purchase is Alabama authors or stories written about Alabama. 

One such book is written by Kathryn Tucker Windham and her English teacher friend, Margaret Gillis Figh, on the topic of ghosts in Alabama. They chose 13 stories from around the state and also include information about Jeffrey, the resident ghost at Ms. Windham’s home.  

The authors are not trying to encourage you to believe in ghosts; they just simply want to entertain their audiences.  

My personal favorite story from this book is titled “The Hole That Will Not Stay Filled.  

This book is ready to be checked out. Share with the librarians your favorite story!