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Books of the Week Jan. 25 – 29

TitleDinos Don’t Do Yoga 

Author: Catherine Bailey 

Ages: 48 years 

This cute book deals with the tough topics of bullying and fear.  

Rex, the “roar-and-rumble rough, talontearing tough” dinosaurinsists that everyone and everything in his valley be just like him. When Sam moves into the valley, Rex decides no one should like him because Sam has weird ways.  

Sam does yoga, chants and wears yoga pants. The other dinosaurs are curious, and they get to know Sam and discover Sam and yoga are cool.    

Will Rex lose all his friends? Will the dinos learn to accept change?  

Stop by the library and check out this cute book. It is a great way to open a discussion with young children about bullying and acceptance.  

Hope to see you soon at the library.  


TitleFirst Comes Scandal  

Author: Julia Quinn 

Reviewer: Sarah Laughmiller 

Georgie Bridgerton is not against marriage. She would rather marry for love, but with her reputation on the line, she might not have any other options. She can either stay a spinster forever with a tainted reputation or marry her childhood friend, Mr. Nicholas Rokesby 

Nicholas, a med student, is summoned home rather quickly and mysteriously. When he finds out his parents are requesting he marry the daughter of their lifelong friends in order to save her reputation, Nicholas pushes back against the expectation – at first.   

A marriage of convenience turns into a love match, with fun teasing and bantering between the two.  

It’s endearing to read how childhood friends fall in love and have a relationship outside the society norms.  

Georgie presses the limits, wanting to expand her education and her abilities to be more useful than just running a household. Nicholas is encouraging and in awe of her hunger for knowledge and learning – quite unusual for this time.  

prequel to the Bridgerton series and the fourth of the Rokesby series, Julia Quinn does not disappoint in this juicy tale