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Time change, again!

Fall back one hour. Bah, humbug. Don’t tell me it’s that time again. 

As you can see, I am not a proponent of changing from Central Standard Time to Daylight Savings Time. 

When I was told the time was going to change at 2 a.m. Sunday, an hour earlier than usual, I set about the task of re-setting every timepiece in the house. My wristwatch came first, then my wife’s, followed by the electric clock on the nightstand in our bedroom, the battery-operated wall clock in the kitchen, and the trusty Leonard Miller battery-operated clock on the mantel in the den. 

The magical dashboard clocks in both our cars I didn’t touch. The newer model has been stuck on central time since 2015, and the older model’s time hasn’t changed since it was reset by a granddaughter several years ago.   

I must admit I was a bit confused when I awoke at 6 a.m. the same morning and discovered it was still dark outside. I promptly checked every time piece to make sure each one reflected the proper time. 

My memory lapse cost me an hour of sleep and made me grumpy as I went through the process of getting ready for church. After double-checking my watch and reminding myself that I arrived at church late on a previous time changeover, I was relieved when I stepped in my Sunday school classroom and found I was 15 minutes early. 

First day slipups are not the only thing that makes the time change unpopular.  

The shortening of daylight hours cuts the workday short and puts more motorists on the roads after dark. It even means that some school children, who depend on bus transportation, leave home before daylight and arrive back home after dark. 

The time change is also a health issue, according to a number of sleep disorder specialists.
“It’s a hostile act against the body’s circadian rhythms that regulate the sleep-wake cycle,” said Dr. Beth Malow, sleep specialist with Vanderbilt University Medical Center Neurology Department, in a recent news article. “From a circadian standpoint, you are out of sync for eight months of the year.