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Do you want to see Jesus this week?

By Phillip Hines 

It was the last week of Jesus’ life. Many things were on His mind.  

One thing that bothered Him was the empty, hollow religion of the day. He cleansed the temple and denounced the Pharisees. There were tears for the people in Jerusalem because of their superficial religion.  

One theme in His preaching kept coming up repeatedly. You see it in Matthew 24-25. His persistent cry was, “Be ready. Be prepared.”  

Chapter 24 ends with Jesus talking about the wise servant and the foolish servant. The wise servant was wise because he was ready when the master came back. The foolish servant was foolish because he was not ready.  

Entering chapter 25, Jesus continues with this same subject. He shares the parable of the wise and foolish virgins. The message is the same as in the previous story.  

After the wise and foolish virgins, He gives us the parable of the talents. Two servants were rewarded because they were ready when the master returned, and one was not rewarded because he was not ready. 

      In Matthew 25:31, Jesus gives a picture of the judgment day. After pounding hard about being ready, He gives a sign of those who are prepared to stand before Him. Imagine all the signs Jesus could have given for those who are ready – but the one He chose had to do with loving the least in this world. This involved feeding the hungry, giving a drink to the thirsty, taking in strangers, putting clothes on the naked, visiting those who are sick and going to those who are in prison. 

      Two things stand out to me about this text.  

First, it is simple. We all can understand these words – and more importantly, we can do them! There are no programs, complicated systems or massive undertakings. There are simply good people doing good things.  

Second, it is significant. Do not let the simplicity take away from its significance. Notice what Jesus said in verse 40, “inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me. When we do these simple things, we do them to Jesus! How many other places in the Bible can you find where doing something is doing it to Jesus? This is significant!  

Friends, we tend to think preaching, teaching and leading a ministry or church are the most valuable things to do for God. Not according to Jesus! 

      Do you want to see Jesus this week?  

Go by and visit with your neighbor who has just lost their mate or a child. If you look closely, you will see Jesus looking back at you. Take a little food to that elderly person who is all alone. As they smile, you will see Jesus smiling back at you. Give a little time and attention to that person who has just heard the word “cancer. If you do, you will see Jesus looking back at you.  

In the hospital or nursing home where you work, find out which patients have no one visiting them. Go by their rooms, give them a little attention and maybe steady their shaking hand as they eat. I promise you – you will see Jesus looking back at you.  

Maybe you are a teacher, and in your class is a student who does not have what the other students have or one who lacks support at home. Give him or her a little extra time to help with their reading or math. When you glance into the face of that child, you will see the face of Jesus!  

Take a sandwich or some clothes to that person you see on the street. Yes, they look rough and might not smell nice. I know they might not deserve it – but neither do you. Listen carefully when they say thank you, and you will hear Jesus thanking you!  

Do you want to see Jesus this week?