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Arrest Reports Dec. 28, 2019 to Jan. 13 2020

William Benjamin Lovell, 10-20-1987, Hartselle, possession of drug paraphernalia 

Cynthia Sanchez, 9-14-1993, Hartselle, driving under the influence of alcohol 

Brian Keith Clemons, 4-6-1988, Hartselle, theft of property, fourth degree (shoplifting) 

Daniel Gustav Schmale, 5-20-1976, Hartselle, theft of property, fourth degree (shoplifting) 

Ernest Gene Heck, 3-14-1958, Hartselle, driving under the influence of alcohol and ignition interlock device required 

Adam Lile Suggs, 1-12-1990, Hartselle, theft of property, fourth degree (shoplifting) 

Michael E Vandiver, 7-5-1952, Hartselle, driving under the influence of alcohol 

Whitney Bama Thomas, 7-18-1978, Hartselle, theft of property, fourth degree (shoplifting) 

Roger Dale Vinson, 4-21-1988, Hartselle, possession of a controlled substance  

Ashley Swann Orr, 2-23-1981, Hartselle, permitting dogs to run at large 

Austin Wright, 8-15-1999, Hartselle, assault third degree, attempting to elude a police officer on foot and resisting arrest 

Randy Gene Kyle Jr., 6-22-1989, Athens, theft of property, fourth degree (shoplifting) 

James William Hannon, 11-7-1957, Hartselle, public intoxication and carrying concealed weapon 

James Stanford Davies, 10-31-2001, Hartselle, minor in possession of alcohol 

Corey Taft Surrat, 2-18-1992, Decatur, theft of property 

Brandon Nicholas Terry, 8-26-1982, Hartselle, driving under the influence of combined substance