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One dead in Falkville shooting, no charges currently filed  

No charges have currently been filed in a domestic dispute case occurring the afternoon of Dec. 2, resulting in the shooting death of a Falkville man. 

Jeremy Shane Gray, 44, was transported from his residence at Cedar Creek Road by helicopter to Decatur Morgan Hospital, where he died of his wounds, authorities said.  

Falkville Police Chief Aaron Burgess was among officers responding to a 911 call placed around 2:30 p.m. from Gray’s spouse.  

Gray had attempted to leave the residence in his truck but had lost consciousness causing his truck to stall in the driveway. Bystanders noticed Gray was in distress and had broken a window out of the truck attempting to assist him, Burgess said.  

“When I arrived on the scene there were bystanders attempting to make forceful entry into the vehicle but he was not responsive,” he said.  

Falkville PD administered first aid and once medical personnel arrived, the officers secured the residence, where the incident had originally occurred. Four shots by a .22 caliber rifle were confirmed fired at the scene, Burgess said.  

Falkville PD, assisted by Morgan County Sheriff’s Deputies, lawfully detained Gary’s spouse at the scene. Once the scene had been secured and investigated, the spouse, whose name has not been disclosed, was released later that evening. No other people were at home or involved in the dispute.    

No arrest has been made at this time. The investigation is still ongoing as Falkville PD is “objectively collecting evidence, some of which will be submitted to the Alabama Department of Forensic Science for analysis,” according a department press release. Authorities said a rush has been put on the case for forensic evidence analysis and the results are expected in about two weeks. Burgess said a detailed case report will be submitted to the Morgan County District Attorney’s Office for determination of how to proceed with the case 

Falkville PD is working diligently in this case and continuously communicating with the Morgan County DA’s Office, taking into consideration all outcomes from self-defense to murder. As the investigation continues further information will be released as soon as available, Burgess said.   

Burgess added that there is no threat to the community and this is an isolated domestic incident.