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Mayor considers electric car chargers for Hartselle 

Hartselle Utilities general manager Bob Sittason recently approached Hartselle Mayor Randy Garrison proposing the addition of electric car chargers to Hartselle somewhere between downtown and the I-65 exchange, Garrison told the city council during their meeting held Nov. 26.  

Hartselle Mayor Randy Garrison

Garrison said Sittason has researched the car chargers, and they are considering a portal to charge two cars at one time – which takes about four hours to fully charge an electric vehicle. 

Electric car owners usually use popular mobile apps to locate charging stations. Garrison said the hope is the charge station would pull drivers from the interstate to patronize downtown Hartselle during the four hours their vehicle recharges.  

“I’m looking at it as economic development,” Garrison said. “It’s the future; that’s where we’re going.” 

Garrison said if the city installs the electric car charging station, the cost is about $9,100, which would be split between Hartselle Utilities and the City of Hartselle.