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Books of the Week Oct. 21-25

By Michelle Blaylock and Patricia Poe 

For the Enquirer


Book Series: The Bride Quartet

Title: “Vision in White” 

Author: Nora Roberts

This is an older series by Nora Roberts but one that can be picked up anytime for a great read. The series centers on four friends – Parker, Emma, Laurel and Mac – who have co-founded a wedding planning company called Vows and each have different roles in the wedding-planning industry. 

The first book is about Mac and her photography for the business. Her family drama is part of her problem, but then she encounters someone who she says is not her type. Will the new guy in her life bring her stability and romance? Her three friends are ready to help her with her ever-after moment. 

Title: “Seer of Shadows”

Author: Avi

Reading Level:  5.2

I have waited months to share this book with you. It is a wonderful story to read around Halloween. The author weaves a tale with just enough supernatural to give you the chills.   

The premise of the book is that a young man who is apprenticed to a photographer with highly questionable morals discovers he has a unique talent when his master tries to con a client. 

When a wealthy woman shows up to the studio asking if they know anything about spirit photography, the photographer decides to play on the woman’s emotions. He comes up with a scheme for spirit photography.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t know that with the camera in his apprentice’s hands, it’s not a scheme. 

Although this is a chapter book, it is not very long, and it is perfect to read aloud over several nights leading up to Halloween. 

This story might make you take a closer look at old photographs. Just remember, it’s only a story – right?   

Next week, I will highlight another awesome, creepy,  great-for-Halloween book!