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Logan Dotson, at left, holds his football autographed by Auburn University quarterback Bo Nix. Logan's teacher, Emily Reeves, arranged for Nix to fulfill Logan's dream for the autograph. CONTRIBUTED

Hartselle teacher secures Nix-autographed football for student fan


For the Enquirer

A Hartselle teacher arranged for an Auburn Tiger to fulfill a dream for a deserving teenager. 

Emily Reeves, who teaches ninth- and 10th-grade English at Hartselle High School, said her student Logan Dotson is “the kindest, hardest-working, walking-miracle-of-a-student. Logan is defying the odds, and God has a huge plan for his life.” 

One day at school, Logan pulled Reeves aside and told her he has mild cerebral palsy. “He never wants to be treated differently. He does not make excuses, even though he has physical hardships,” Reeves said. 

Reeves added Logan is thoughtful with his assignments and turns in quality work. “He is always respectful – respect goes a long way.

“Most people with his condition are in wheelchairs; Logan is not. He is a fighter, and he is beating the odds,” she added. “Logan never allows his disability to hold him back or take his joy away. He has such a positive, strong faith.”

Logan and Reeves both are Auburn Tiger fans. Logan shared he wanted quarterback Bo Nix’s autograph, and Reeves promised to make it happen.

“I like Bo as a person. He was born to be an Auburn Tiger,” Logan said. 

Emily’s sister, Taylor Hall, and Hall’s sorority sister Kasey researched how to contact Bo for the autograph. Kasey succeeded not only with the autograph but also with a video with Bo.

“Bo is a kind person, as you can see from him taking the time to sign the football for me. You can see that he has fun on the field,” Logan said. 

Reeves showed Bo’s video to Logan and his class. “Logan was blown away. He was very thankful,” Reeves said. “Logan kept repeating that he did not expect this and thanked me profusely – and Taylor, Kasey and Bo.” 

Logan’s classmates were elated for him and wanted to hold the autographed football. “They seemed shocked and were simultaneously so excited. Mrs. Lee, another teacher in the room, was tearing up over how sweet Logan’s reaction was,” Reeves said. 

In the video, Bo says, “What’s up, Logan! I’m proud of you. War Eagle!”

“I could never thank Bo enough for taking the time to make such a huge impact on Logan. That’s a gift he’ll never forget,” Reeves said. “I am grateful to Bo for making Logan’s dream come true.”

Logan’s parents are Shane and Tammy Dotson.