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Special to the Enquirer/Hartselle High School Students at Hartselle High interact with various colleges and recruiters during a college fair at the school Aug. 27.

HHS students look ahead to graduation

Two months into the school year, Hartselle High students are already looking ahead to graduation in May. Approximately 200 students gathered to meet with various colleges and recruiters Aug. 27. 

Cory Wilbanks, one of the guidance counselors at Hartselle High, said the college fair is an annual event the high school hosts. “This is a great opportunity for our seniors and underclassmen that are just beginning to start that college search,” Willbanks said. 

Wilbanks said the fair welcomed more than 30 different recruiters from universities, colleges and military branches. “It definitely was a diverse group of colleges; there was something for everybody,” Wilbanks said. “It’s all about what is the best fit for each student.”

The college fair is one way the high school tries to help students plan ahead for their futures after graduating. Wilbanks said the fair is an opportunity that allows seniors to ask last-minute questions before sending in their applications and encourages underclassmen to begin thinking of which college best suits them. 

“It’s important to begin the thought process of just exploring careers and exploring colleges,” Wilbanks said. “Students need to look at career choices and what colleges have their career choices, then narrow it down from there. I try to encourage them to do that early.”