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Letter to the Editor: Depot Days is far too pricey


Dear Editor,

Depot Days are over, and our Chamber of Commerce, along with some city leaders, will deem it a success. What they don’t say is that the alleged success came with a very high price tag.

Food vendors were levied with a $500 fee to set up and operate at Depot Days. If anyone took their family and purchased food, they spent some serious hard-earned money. A 32-ounce lemonade was $7. Adding sandwiches or turkey legs would bring the total close to $30.

This is not a way to promote Hartselle as a City of Southern Hospitality. Price gouging to vendors does not promote anything. What it does in common sense terms is dissuade vendors because they know they will have to levy their $500 charge to operate onto their customers.

It is better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.

There are some people that need a check-up from the neck up. It’s Hartselle, not Huntsville, and charging this amount is ludicrous – and you don’t need a bachelor’s degree to see this!

Mike Dowdy