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McCutcheon celebrates 30 years in business


McCutcheonMcCutcheon began his career in 1968 when he was 12 years old working with his uncle Franklin Morris. The HVAC business stuck with him and many years later he is still out on the job working each day of the workweek. His fist shop was on Main Street where he operated for many years until building a new facility on West Main in 2007. A photo of the first heating and cooling unit he installed hangs on his office wall, and when he replaced the unit 25 years later it still sits behind his shop now as a keepsake.

While McCutcheon started the business with just himself, he credits much of the success of his business with loyal long-term employees. His first receptionist, Sandra Segars stayed with him 25 years until her retirement. Installers Frank Spinks and Johnny Norwood have been with him for more than 20 years. Stan Stevens, a service technician has been with McCutcheon over 14 years. Today McCutcheon Heating & Air has eight full-time employees.

McCutcheon said he appreciates the community of Hartselle for supporting him for the last 30 years and hopes to do so for many more to come.