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Brewer football debuts Patriot Hill

Caleb Suggs

Hartselle Enquirer


For a long time now, Brewer’s football program has been void of any kind of excitement. Student interest hasn’t been very high, as the Patriots would only fill about half as many on their roster as other 6A schools. Fans who came to support their Patriots through all these years were eager to see a change. Then, when Brewer hired new head coach Geoff Walters the Patriots got the change they needed.

Walters brought plenty of experience and knowledge to Brewer but most of all he brought excitement, not only to his players but also to the community. It didn’t take long for the community to rally behind the Walters and the school immediately began preparation to create some form of event to draw fans to the games to support the Patriots. Last Friday that effort became real when Patriot Hill was debuted. Using the hill that overlooks James Tucker Stadium, home of the Patriots, Brewer high school brought in a concept that is relatively new but fast growing in high school football and that is college-like tailgating. Just like in college tailgating, fans could bring their tents; grills, coolers and whatever else they wanted as they claimed the first come first serve spots. Patriot Hill was a major success as fans packed out the hill, with some even arriving at 9 a.m. that morning to claim their spot. It was also open to not only any Brewer fan, but also

any visiting Hartselle fan that wanted to partake in this new phenomenon. There was no bad blood between them as the two fan bases intermingled and enjoyed eating the delicious foods that were prepared, such as ribs and barbeque, together. Fans also enjoyed playing plenty of backyard type games such as corn hole. There was also a drawing that was held and the winner would be given the “best seats in the house” which was a nice chair located in the end zone of Brewer’s field. This time it was only open to students but after last week’s game it will be open to all fans. Then as the sun began to fall, fans quickly grabbed their seats and watched the Brewer Patriots take on the Hartselle Tigers.

Brewer would fall to the Tigers, however rebuilding a football program is not something that happens quickly and head coach Walters knows that. “It’s not an overnight fix,” Walters said, “ I think we can have something special here but it’s going to take time.” Walters would continue to talk about the importance of fan involvement and Patriot Hill. “This community needs something to rally behind and I think we can be that,” Walters said, “Patriot Hill is a great thing because it creates excitement, and that’s what this program really needs.” One thing is for sure, there was more excitement in that stadium Friday night then there had been in a long time. If fans can rally behind the players the Geoff Walters lives this program could be really strong one day. Brewer will host Scottsboro this Friday at 7 p.m. and Patriot Hill will once again be alive and kicking. It will be open to fans of both teams but spots will be first come first serve.