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Who’s gonna fill their shoes?

One of the late George Jones hits was called “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes,” and the song asked who was going to fill the shoes of those who have moved on.

Jones mentioned playing at the Grand Ole Opry and who is going to give their heart and soul to get to you and me.

While Jones was speaking of music legends and who would continue the legend of country music singers in the present time, one could also ask the question about who is going to step and fill the shoes of many who have moved on in our own community.

Who is willing to step up and take a stand on an important issue in our city? Who is willing to sacrifice their time and energy to make our city a better place to live? Who is willing to help those in need, even when this means spending time away from their own families? Who is willing to help a friend in whatever need they might have? Who is willing to do all of these without looking for recognition or fame for themselves?

I was thinking about this last week as Hartselle lost another good man who loved and supported his town. Jim Glasgow was a graduate of Morgan County High School, now Hartselle High, and lived in Hartselle along with his wife Alice Jean most of his adult life.

He served on the Hartselle City Council for two terms from 1988 until 1996. Anyone who had served in this capacity will tell you this is many times a thankless job. It is also one that few of us are willing to take on. But Glasgow gave eight years to the city government. He made his living and supported his family as a real estate developer.

Glasgow was also involved and supportive of Forrest Chapel United Methodist Church and later in life at Hartselle First Methodist.

He lived and showed his faith through his works by helping many in our community, doing so without looking for recognition or expecting anything in return. He also was an encourager to those struggling with problems in their lives.

He also took care of his wife of 57 years as her health declined over the past few years. I remember many times watching as he helped her cross the street and walk up the steps into First Methodist Church. He continued caring for her at their home until his own health prevented him from being able to do handle that task.

All of us can question if we are willing to step up and help to fill the shoes of those who left a mark on our community. Thanks for your service and friendship, go rest high on that mountain.

Randy Garrison is the president and publisher of the Hartselle Enquirer.