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Grace has no limit with God

Grace is not only a prayer that we say before a meal; grace is also something that has no limit to God. In Nehemiah 9:28-31 we find where Israel was devastated at the many times of their rebellion and sin that they had committed. However, when they repented of their sins and returned to God, He was faithful to forgive them. I am so thankful that God has no limits on the time that we can come to Him. We must first realize that we must come to Him with our need and ask for His help. God is a gracious and merciful God who has a miracle of grace. When we have a recurring or difficult sin in our lives, we must continue to pray for God’s help and be willing to except His guidance and direction to help us correct the situation.

Christian love and sympathy is extended to Berta Wilson and her siblings in the loss of their brother, Glen Eubanks Sr.

Christian love and sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Judy Jones.

Sunday, June 21, was Father’s Day. If you are fortunate enough to still have your dad, I hope that you took the opportunity to spend some time with him.

Happy anniversary wishes to Calah and Kyle Merritt on June 26, Jeremy and April Childers on June 27 and Wray and Mary Ellen Elliott and Larry and Jane Swearengin on June 28.

Happy birthday wished to Vic Keeling on June 25; Lyle Caswell, Anna Grace Turney and Tina Williams, all on June 26; Cameron Bates on June 27; Teresa Lackey and Vivian Wells, both on June 28; and Rusty Casper Jr. and Kandy Cowan, both on June 29.