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HHS first annual EdTech Camp set June 18

Hartselle will host their first annual EdTech Camp at Hartselle High School Sat., June 18 for educators interested in learning more about technology use and management in the classroom.

HHS’s Institutional Technology Facilitator Kristi Greeson said this workshop will be structured in the EdCamp style that is determined completely by the participants.

Visitors will arrive at 8:30 a.m. and spend the first hour discussing what they would like to learn and share. Boards will be set up to let participants write down their session ideas, and interested educators will group off with someone who is willing to share on the topic.

“The possibilities are really endless when the participants get to determine the sessions instead of having predetermined topics,” Greeson said. “I know it’s hard for us educators to let go of that control over the workshop, but these type of enrichment sessions are the most worth-while since everyone in the group is invested. We will have access to all the technology and classrooms at HHS, so space and equipment is not a problem.”

Participants are encouraged to bring their own technology to practice on and use for demonstration, but HHS will also have computer labs and extra portable devices for use.

Hartselle’s ITF’s will be on-hand with topic ideas they will be ready to present if necessary.

“In a true EdCamp style, we wouldn’t even have people ready with topics to discuss, but since this is our first year we wanted to have a back-up plan,” Greeson said. “We know not everyone will have something to share, so we will have Hartselle faculty members who will be willing to talk on a variety of topics.”

Greeson said the workshop will count as a professional development credit. She has also encouraged college students studying education to participate if they are interested.

The workshop is expected to last until about 4 p.m. with a lunch break.

“This workshop will allow people who want to go more in depth to do so and allow people who want to move on to do so,” Greeson said. “If I’m teaching a session on Google Forms and a few people want to find out more about them, we can start a new session and continue our discussion. At other workshops, there would be set schedules and a limited amount of time to talk and discuss each topic.”

Greeson said they plan to continue the workshop each summer.

“Hopefully this will be something that educators will look forward to every June,” Greeson said. “We want to continue to provide these technology incentives for educators. We also saw this as an opportunity for people to come see what we have to offer here at HHS.”

Participants can register for this free workshop at