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HHS seniors get chance to earn medical certifications

At lease nine Hartselle High School seniors are hoping to earn medical certifications to allow them to go to work immediately after graduation and help them further their careers in medicine.

Medical professions instructor Lynne Shelton said Hartselle High School has become a testing center for the National Healthcareer Association. The students can obtain certifications for jobs such as electrocardiogram technician, electronic health record specialist, pharmacy technician, billing and coding specialist and patient care technician.

Shelton said the students have the option to use the certification to continue their education or go to work right out of high school.

“It’s just another way that we can customize the educational experience for our students,” Shelton said. “If they pass the test, they can use that to get a job in their field while they are going to school and gain valuable experience.”

Cooper Wright, who plans to study medicine in college, said he hopes having the certification will help him get a step ahead of other students.

“I think it will help me stand out from the rest of the candidates by already having a medical certification,” Wright said.

Other students who are planning to take the test include Alex Ford, Ali Kent, Madison Williams, Sydnee Wiley, Michael Kerr, Hanna Williams, Stephanie Roman and Sydney Crow. They are planning to attend colleges including UAB, UAH, Alabama and South Alabama.

Hanna Williams said she hopes to use her certification to get more exposure to her field of study.

“I’ll be able to get a job in my field while I’m going to school and gain experience,” she said. “That experience is very valuable.”

Shelton said they have ordered the study material for the students. It’s then up to the students to study the material to prepare for the test.

“This something that they do outside of our class,” Shelton said. “If they devote the time to study for the test, the school will cover the $100 cost of the test for them.

“This is not something for every student. You have to be self-motivated to go for this certification.”