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State of the schools are strong

The state of our local schools is strong.

Recently, Dr. Vic Wilson delivered his State of the City Schools address at the Hartselle Fine Arts Center. He delivered a very informational and entertaining speech about where Hartselle’s schools are.

If I were a child attending a Hartselle school, I would be excited to go to school every day. It sounds like each of the classes are doing fun, cool stuff each day.

Not only that, but the students are performing at an outstanding rate. Hartselle is consistently ahead of the state and national averages when it comes to ACT scores and AP course participation.

I’m a little intimidated at how well the students are performing on the ACT. Many of the students are outperforming me back in the day.

I did take a couple of AP courses in high school. So I understand a little bit about AP courses. To have so many that are passing those tests is truly amazing.

However, that’s not the whole story. Just taking the test is a good sign that you will be successful in that class during college. And many HHS students are taking those tests.

But even for those who don’t want to go to college, Hartselle has plenty of options for them. You can complete dual enrollment classes, earn an associates degree in a year out of high school and be making good money in a profession.

So with all of that, the state of our schools are strong.

Brent Maze is the managing editor of the Hartselle Enquirer.