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Asherbranner family holds 2012 birthday and family reunion

The Asherbranner family held its September 2012 Birthday and Family Reunion on Sept. 16 at Massey Volunteer Fire Department.

Those present are listed as follows: Martha Asherbranner, Clezell Asherbranner, Austin Orr, Ronald, Jenny and Julie Asherbranner, Phillip and Wilma Asherbranner, Kevin and Sherry Mashburn, Matthew Asherbranner, Alex Davis, Richard and Jean Green, Doris and David Crowe, Gerldene and Farris Hughes, Shelba and Terry Wittenburg, Mary Ellen and Leon Asherbranner, Julie, Rex, Cole and Sam Asherbranner, Donnie and Tracey Turrentine, Melinda, J.P. and Carson Haynes, Amy and Claude Edge, Willard and Clara Asherbranner, John, Pam, Nathan and Emily MacDonald, Kyle and Barbara Asherbranner, Oliver Townson, Roger and Roxanne Asherbranner, Milton and Ginger Green, Donna Townson, Irene Cutchens.