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LETTER: DUI arrests didn’t increase in Arab

Dear Editor,

On Feb. 24, 2010, The Arab Tribune published an article entitled “DUI arrests in Arab decrease in first year.”

To the gentleman who said that nowhere would you find such a statistic, I say here you are sir. Several cities in the area have seen the same decrease. Albertville saw a similar decrease between 2003 and 2005. They went wet in 2004.

Here is one statement from the article, “Blackwood said that in 2006, he also spoke to several police chiefs about the issue.

“‘Everyone of them told me that when their towns went wet, their DUIs dropped,’ he said. ‘And they said they called several other chiefs and were all told the same thing.’”

This is a personal issue and if you feel so convicted as to vote no on the issue, then that is your decision to make. But please do not spread false facts around to try and support your opinion. At least do the research to find out what the truth is.

If the majority of the citizens want to vote no against alcohol sales, then those who want alcohol will continue to drive to Decatur, Cullman, or buy it on the way out of Huntsville like they always have.

And a vote of no to alcohol sales will continue to see the number of DUI arrests stay where they are currently, or maybe you can vote yes, increase revenue in our city and decrease the number of DUI arrests.

Have you prayed?

Jason Friend