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Bethel students win state fine arts awards

Students in the fourth through twelfth grades at Bethel Baptist School competed in the ACEA State Fine Arts Competition in Oxford, Alabama on March 8-9.

Elementary Winners in Art:

• Ian Metzgar – Acrylic Painting – Superior Rating

• Bethany Gamble – Landscape Photography – Third Place Superior

• Bethany Gamble – Digital Media – First Place Superior

• Mya Robinson – Historical Project – Second Place Superior

• Andrew Couey – Historical Project – Superior Rating

Elementary Winners in Speech:

• Duet Acting – First Place Superior (Mya Robinson & Bethany Gamble)

• Choric Speaking – Second Place Superior (Bethany Gamble, Andrew Couey, Trentin Dupper, Mya Robinson,

• Ian Metzgar, Elizabeth Matthews, Logan Fortenberry, Justin Creese, Jacob Winton, Caleb Lawrence)

Elementary Winners in Music

Small Vocal Ensemble – Second Place Excellent (Mya Robinson, Bethany Gamble, Elizabeth Matthews, Jennifer McCain)

Large Vocal Ensemble – Second Place Superior (Jennifer McCain, Bethany Gamble, Mya Robinson, Elizabeth

Matthews, Ian Metzgar, Caleb Lawrence, Logan Fortenberry, Jacob Winton, Justin Creese, Andrew Couey,

Trentin Dupper)

Jennifer McCain – Vocal Solo – Superior

Bethany Gamble – Vocal Solo – Excellent

Jacob Winton – Sacred Piano Solo – Excellent

Mya Robinson – Sacred Piano – Third Place Superior

Ian Metzgar – Classical Piano – Superior

Elizabeth Matthews – Classical Piano – Third Place Superior

Sacred Piano Duet – First Place Superior (Elizabeth Matthews and Bethany Gamble)

Classical Piano Duet – First Place Superior (Ian Metzgar and Jacob Winton)

Classical Piano Duet – Second Place Superior (Mya Robinson and Jennifer McCain)


Junior High Winners

• Readers’ Theatre – Third Place Excellent (Savannah Markham, Isaac Bunner, Kelly Thrasher, Charlotte Matthews,

• Mitchell Gamble, Shawn Metzgar)

• Morgan Starrett – Vocal Solo – Superior

• Small Vocal Ensemble – Excellent (Morgan Starrett, Charlotte Matthews, Athena Markham, Savannah

• Markham, Kelly Thrasher)

• Sacred Piano Solo – Charlotte Matthews – Third Place Superior; Morgan Starrett – Second Place Superior

• Classical Piano – Morgan Starrett – Third Place Superior; Shawn Metzgar – Excellent

• Sacred Piano Duet – First Place Superior – Charlotte Matthews and Morgan Starrett

• Classical Piano Duet – Second Place Superior – Athena Markham and Savannah Markham


High School Winners

• Dramatic Interpretation – Tyler Dodd – Excellent

• Religious Reading – Cassie Bunner – Excellent

• Humorous Interpretation – William Matthews – Excellent; Amber Wolff – Excellent

• Duet Acting – First Place Superior (Megan Matthews & William Matthews)

• Readers’ Theatre – Third Place Superior (William Matthews, Megan Matthews, Cole Schmidt, Clint Chisgar,

• Cassie Bunner, Morgan Starrett)

• Choric Speaking – Excellent (William Matthews, Megan Matthews, Cassie Bunner, Morgan Starrett, Cole

• Schmidt, Clint Chisgar, Tyler Lawrence)

• Vocal Solo – Megan Matthews – First Place Superior

• Vocal Solo – Cole Schmidt – Excellent

• Small Vocal Ensemble – Second Place Superior (Cassie Bunner, Megan Matthews, Cole Schmidt, Mitchell

• Gamble, William Matthews)

• Sacred Piano – Cassie Bunner – Excellent; Megan Matthews – First Place Superior

• Sacred Piano/Organ Duet – First Place Superior (William Matthews & Megan Matthews)


Four students will go to National Competition at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. They are:

• Megan Matthews and William Matthews – Piano/Organ Duet and Duet Acting; Megan Matthews – Vocal Solo

• In our Academic Competition – Cassie Bunner – Bible Teaching; Cole Schmidt – U.S. History/Geography.