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November is a month full of holidays

Mom’s Corner

I think when most people think of November the first holiday that comes to mind is Thanksgiving, but believe it or not Thanksgiving is not the only holiday.   In fact, November. is a fairly crowded holiday month.
Month-long observations include:  Aviation Month, Child Safety and Protection Month, Good Nutrition Month, International Drum Month, National Epilepsy Month, National Adoption Month, National Model Train Month, and Peanut Butter Lover’s Month.
Of course, with the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching who has time for a month-long holiday?  So never fear, there are short holidays, for example the second week of Noember is National Children’s Book Week and the third week is American Education Week.
Then again for those of us with shorter attention spans or time limits there are numerous one-day observances.   Obviously, Nov. 1 starts the month off with All Saint’s Day,  National Family Literacy Day, National Author’s Day,  as well as being the day that Thomas Edison’s Electric Light Bulb was patented in 1879.
Nov. 2 has the honor of being Election Day.  It is also Cookie Monster’s Birthday, Daniel Boone’s Birthday, and National Deviled Egg Day.
Nov. 3 is Sandwich Day and Nov. 4 is the day when the first Wagon Train reached California.  How-ever, more importantly, according to my 16-year-old sugar-aholic  daughter, is that Nov. 4 is National Candy Day,
Nov. 5 is National Guy Fawkes Day and more importantly (according to that sugar-aholic daughter of mine),  it is also Nat-ional Donut Day.  Nov. 6 is lonely it only has Basketball day.
Nov. 7 is considerably more crowded having  Daylight Saving Time, Hug-a-bear Day and Magazine Day to share.
Nov. 8 is also lonely with just having X-Ray Day to celebrate.  Nov. 9 also has just one holiday to celebrate, but at least it is a fun one – National Parade Day.
Nov. 10 is special to me because my Daddy is a former Marine.  Yes, it’s the Marine Corps. Birthday.  Nov. 10 is also the day that Sesame Street debuted in 1969.
Nov. 11 is obviously Veteran’s Day,   Nov. 12 has Elizabeth Cady Stanton Day and  Nov. 13 is notable due to Disney’s Fantasia being released in 1940.
Nov. 14 has the dubious honor of being National Clean Out Your Refrigerator  Day. OK, I have to say something: if you wait every year until Nov. 14 to clean out your refrigerator, um, you seriously need a lesson in food preparation and storage.
America Recycles Day and Pack Your Mom Lunch Day is Nov. 15 and the next day is Button Day.
Nov. 17 is Homemade Bread Day, National Young Reader’s Day, and Take a Hike Day.  Mickey Mouse shares his birthday, Nov. 18, with William Tell Day.  Nov. 19 is the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address and the 20th is the Mexican Revolution Day, while the 21st is Hello World Day,  quickly followed by Stop the Violence Day on the 22nd.
Nov. 23 is National Cashew Day, .  Nov. 24 was our 12th President Zachary Taylor’s, birthday.  Nov. 25, in addition to being John F. Kennedy Jr.’s birthday, it is also obviously Thanksgiving Day, and let us not forget Woody Woodpecker’s birthday.
Nov. 26 was the birthday of the creator of “Peanuts,” Charles Shultz, and it’s also National Cake Day. (YAY!  Says my sugar-aholic daughter.)
Nov. 27  is Pin and Needles Day.  Nov. 28 is noted as Mark Twain’s birthday.
Nov. 29 is the anniversary of the opening of King Tut’s tomb.  Last but not least, Nov. 30 is Stay-at-Home Because You’re Well Day!
However, I don’t know if I would really try to test that last one out.  I can see how it could pose a problem.   I did forget one, Nov. 26 is also:  Michelle Gets to Start Decorating for Christmas Day!
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