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Honest people still exist

There are times when it’s very hard to write this column. There are other times when the topic is obvious and you can’t help but write about a certain situation.
I was in the former situation this week when something happened that prompted the latter.
For an organized person, I can be amazingly disorganized. I lose things. A lot. It’s usually small things – phone numbers, receipts, directions, wallets.
Wait, the last one there is pretty important, especially when it contains a check book, debit card and every form of identification you can imagine. I’ve thought I lost my purse in the past, only to discover it in some strange place, including underneath a hotel bed. In that case, the hotel security guard had been called to file a report on stolen property. Imagine my embarrassment when I kicked the comforter out of the way and spotted the handle of my purse.
So, I didn’t panic this week when I went to my purse and couldn’t find my wallet. I had been to the store and, as is my habit, took only my wallet inside. About an hour after I left the store, I went to my purse and realized my wallet was missing.  I looked in my office and throughout the building. I searched the car. No wallet.
I began to get nervous. I could not remember putting my wallet into my purse. I quickly realized it had probably been left in the front of the buggy at Hartselle’s Wal-Mart.
This is not good.
I called the store but no wallet had been turned in. I hopped in the car and headed to the store, hoping and praying I could find the wallet. On the way, I called Greg and told him the bad news.
“You may need to call the bank because there’s a chance I’ve lost my wallet,” I said.
“What?” he replied. “I can’t hear you. Your phone is breaking up.”
I walked into the store, heading straight to customer service. The kind ladies there looked at me and said “is it a large brown wallet?”
“Yes,” I said, taking a breath for the first time.
They asked my name and went into a back room. Minutes later, a lady came out holding my wallet.
It seems someone had found it in the parking lot and turned it in. Every-thing in the wallet was intact.
This incident proves to me people are still good and honest people exist. It also proves to me that sometimes a dropped cell phone call can be a good thing. So thank you, Good Samaritan. It is much appreciated.