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Ryan receives Wal-Mart grants

Ryan News

Happy Birthday wishes to Carissa Bass.
We are all very grateful to Jayme H. and Aretha H. for their special delivery last week.  The young ladies represented their employer, WalMart on South Parkway in Huntsville, and presented 10 teachers with $100 each.
Jayme, is no stranger to Ryan School.  She was an outstanding athlete, cheerleader and student at Ryan. We sincerely appreciate WalMart, Jayme and Aretha for their generosity and support.
The Ryan volleyball team played hard in the Brewer High School Tournament last Saturday.  The competition was tough and the ladies never gave up.  We’re proud of you ladies!
Ryan School will have a Fall Festival on Saturday, Oct. 30, from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. and have a lot of fun games and activities planned.
Ryan School faculty and staff would like to say thank you to the Wal-Mart Transportation Department from Cullman.The truck drivers graciously donated $1,038 to Ryan School.  B.J. Henderson and Susan Finch represented Wal-Mart in presenting the check to Principal David Estes. Thank you for your support of Ryan School.
Mrs. Winton’s kindergarten class is geared up and ready to go.  The class began their newest unit by reading about “Johnny Appleseed” and even making hats.  They also enjoyed eating apples in true “Appleseed” fashion.
Happy birthday wishes to Marcus Nelson.
Don’t forget Oct. 11 is Columbus Day.  No school, hoorah!
As you begin planning your holiday menus and goodies, please be sure to save and send your Campbell’s soup labels and box tops for education.  They really add up and help the school.
The Ryan School cheerleaders would like to thank everyone for their support at last weekend’s yard sale and car wash fundraiser.  Savannah Leeth, cheer sponsor, said they raised $714 that will really help the squad.
The sound of a Red Bone Hound is unmistakable and we were all treated to a wonderful “song” by ‘Liza Jane’ last week.
HEMSI Search and Rescue volunteers and their dogs made a visit to teach students in grades k-4 about search and rescue dogs.
Second grade teacher, Katie Persell, asked if I knew anyone who could come and talk about search and rescue dogs as her class had recently been reading about the dogs.  I contacted Colin Baessler, Chief Deputy of the HEMSI Search/Rescue unit, and she quickly agreed to come and bring a “team.”
Colin was accompanied by two of her dogs, ‘Jackson’ and ‘Liza Jane’, Support Specialist, Melissa Waters and Courtney Clarke, K-9 Specialist, with her dog-in-training, ‘Brodie’.
She explained and demonstrated how dogs are trained to find lost people.  A bubble machine was used to indicate wind direction which is important for implementing a search pattern.  She also told the boys and girls what to do if they think they’re lost whether in a store, the forest or a mall.  “Stay where you are” was Colin’s lesson.  Whether it’s your mother at the store or ‘Jackson’ or one of his buddies, it will be easier for them to find you if you stay in one place.
The highlight of the visit was when first grader, Allie West, was hidden in the tunnel under the playground slide and ‘Jackson’ quickly found her.  He barked and jumped and showed Colin exactly where to find Allie.
Colin then gave ‘Jackson’ his “paycheck”, a special dog toy that he absolutely loves to chase, run with and plays tug-of-war with his teammate.
Thank you to our special guests for sharing an important lesson and fun demonstration.  We look forward to a return visit in the near future for additional demonstrations.
The fifth grade at Ryan School has enjoyed learning about DARE. Officer Childers presented a DARE demonstration Sept. 28 about drug use and paraphernalia. Students learned about the harmful effects of drugs and how to say no. – -Macy Wilson
Don’t forget to put Oct. 30, 11 a.m.-2 p.m., for the PTO sponsored Fall Festival at Ryan School on your calendar.  There will be plenty of food and fun for everyone, so keep watching for more details.