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e-sound off for the week of July 8, 2010

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Sounding off on downtown
“Who couldn’t notice the lamp posts, weeds growing, junk outside/inside the store front windows? Honestly, the city is worried about a tattoo parlor? What a joke, nothing could be worse than the Christmas decor from at least three years ago still in the store front window or the thrift store that has now gained another sofa and recliner. Please somebody take them out of the front of the store.”

“Hartselle better try to catch-up with “the times” and attract business other than flower shops and junk stores downtown. We need industry and modern busines to provide the school age teens along with adults with “real” jobs before people have to move elsewhere to find jobs. The days of “Mayberry” are over….wake up!”

Sounding off on landscaping projects
“It will be interesting to see who is working at these new landscaping sites. Hopefully we will see local employees known to the community benefiting from these jobs.”

Sounding off on governor’s race
“I believe this is the second time” that camdidates for governor trying to get folks to cross over and vote in the the other party’s runoff, last time it was Gradick and Baxley campaign runoff, Gradick asked Republican’s to cross over, Gradick won, but the Democratics put Baxley in as the winning candidate. Do folks want it to end up in court and someone chose the winner?”

Sounding off on recovery ministry
“How wonderful it would be to see all the churches in our community – no matter the denomination- come together and partner with the Uptons to make this the tremendous success that it has such potential to be! May the favor and blessing of the Lord be upon your mission and give you increase in every good resource and even increase in your vision for your ministry and may He reward you in ways that have not even entered your imagination.”
Sounding off on paving
“The street needed paving. I am glad it is being done. It is going to be nice when it is finished, but until then, whew, it sure is frustrating. But, not as frustrating as people who insist on turning left onto Main Street when going north or south on Sparkman. Too bad we can’t fix that problem.”
Thanks for getting the street paved.

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