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Spring’s in full bloom

By By Michelle Blaylock, Mom’s Corner
Spring. The beautiful flowers, green grass, budding and flowering trees, sneezing, running noses, itchy eyes. Whoa. How’d that change. It seems everyone I talk to is either suffering from allergies or has someone in their immediate family that is. It’s probably because one in five Americans suffer from some type of allergy. It was nice to learn that this year our area does not rank first as a “spring allergy capital,” Lexington, Kentucky gets that “honor.” Although, our area is not that far down the list. We rank seventh in the nation as a “spring allergy capital.” When I discovered this little fact, I decided to look into allergies a little more.
I found enough information to fill a book. The simplest most concise answer I found was this: “An allergy is an abnormally high sensitivity reaction to an ordinarily harmless substance. The immune system of an allergic person reacts when an allergen is absorbed into their body, treating the substance as a harmful invader, causing the white blood cells to begin producing antibodies which attach themselves to mast cells. When this occurs it causes the body to release histamine, which can cause allergy symptoms such as watery eyes, itching, sneezing or a runny nose.” — Judy Tidwell, Your Guide to Allergies.
Okay, so that means…..what? It means an allergy sufferer’s body is confused and is attacking something it doesn’t need to and makes he or she miserable. Goody. Now what? Well, I found out why everyone is so miserable. So what can we do to feel better? On with the research!
The first order of business is to make sure it is allergies that are causing the problem. Allergies can have symptoms similar to colds, flu, strep, sinus infections and other illnesses.
We have also had the allergies trigger illnesses such as ear infections. Hello, Doctor? Yes, it is doctor visit time. I think everyone in my house is on allergy medication — I should buy stock in a pharmaceutical company! The medication does help, but I began to wonder what else could I do to help alleviate some of these allergies. Back to the research! I love the internet.
According to American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (try saying that 10 times fast) the following precautions are recommended:
Avoid the cause of the allergy — well, that’s a good idea but to avoid the allergies here I’d have to stop breathing! I know, I know that’s not what they mean. I’m irritable when I’m miserable.
Keep windows and doors closed and keep the air conditioner and dehumidifier running. Keep car windows closed when traveling. Minimize outdoor activity when the pollen count is high or the wind is blowing. Did you know that plants typically release pollen at certain times of the day? So find out the general time your allergen is being released and lock yourself in your house with the windows closed and the air conditioner running. Another suggestion was to wear a paper mask when mowing or raking because those activities stir up the pollen.
Take vacations to more pollen -free places like the beach or sea. (Anyone for a two-month-long vacation? Do you think hubby’s boss would go for that one? I can just see hubby saying, “I need a two- month vacation to take my family to a more pollen-free environment.” NOT!
It’s also recommended that you not hang clothing or sheets out to dry. The pollen collects on them. (Rats, I love sun dried sheets. I’ll just have to wait until the pollen settles down. And hubby gets my clothesline hung again. Hint, Hint, hubby.)
The last suggestion is just common sense. Take a bath or shower after outdoor activity to wash off any allergens that may have collected on you.
According to the information I have, the high pollen counts will continue for awhile.
I betcha the electric company loves us about now. We can’t go without the air conditioner — nobody can breathe!!
I still love the flowers, the trees and the bushes. I think, however, for the time being I’ll enjoy them from a distance — like my air conditioned house!
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