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Overdressed? Not in this New England town

By Staff
Leada Gore, Editor
If you're looking to go somewhere special this Labor Day, you might want to consider a trip to Brattleboro, Vermont. The best thing about the vacation? You won't have to carry a lot of luggage.
Last month, Brattleboro, long a bastion of free thinking, overturned a temporary ban it placed on public nudity. This paved the way for legal public nudity to return to this town.
The nudity ban came on the heels of a petition signed by some 900 people asking that the town's clothing optional policy be put under wraps. But, considering the town has more than 12,000 residents, most of whom apparently have no problem with their in-the-buff neighbors, the petition didn't carry too much weight.
One city leader was quoted as saying the town's restriction of nudity was leading it down a "slippery slope." She added it wasn't up to the town to restrict anyone's right to dress or undress.
So, the city leaders opted to return to its original stance of making nudity legal and naked people everywhere – at least in New England – celebrated.
Now, I've never been to Brattleboro, Vermont but I'm sure it's a lovely place. Still, I have to say I side with those in favor of keeping the clothes on. I've found clothes are critical when you're doing most things, including sliding down a slippery slope.
It would be interesting though to be in a town where nudity is considered par for the course.
Can you imagine what you'd see if you worked the drive through at the local fast food restaurant? The warning about hot coffee would take on even-greater importance if you were faced with scalding liquid in your bare lap.
Or, what if you owned the local dry cleaners? Once you got done cleaning everyone's curtains once a year, I imagine business is pretty slim.
And what about being a car salesman in Brattleboro, Vermont? I would think leather seats would be a hard sell for most car buyers. You do have to wonder about buying a convertible, though. That purchase would bring a whole new meaning to the term "dropping the top."
I'm glad Brattleboro is open minded and willing to examine the issues they are facing. However, I think they erred on this decision. There's quite a difference between being open minded and being, well, goofy and you have to wonder if anyone gave much thought to the fact that it's pretty cold in Vermont.
Visiting Brattleboro, Vermont would make for an interesting trip. It certainly would bring new meaning to the term "seeing the sights." There are some sights, however, that I don't want to see.