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Good luck finding these eggs

By Staff
Leada Gore, Editor
In the Gore family, Easter Sunday means a trip to Mississippi. We go to church with Greg’s family on Easter morning. Far from a large Easter production, the church service there is pretty simple.
The church is a small – about the size of a living room – clapboard building that I’m sure at one time was white. Now, most of the paint has chipped away so the wood shows through the outside boards, something that just adds to its charm.
The inside is simple, too. There are some pews, a light hanging down from the center of the room and a small pulpit.
The Gores and Cains sit on the side of the preacher and I imagine someone would be asked to move if they took these seats by mistake. At the very least they would get a funny look from everyone there.
The church service will be attended by about 30 people and afterwards, everyone will head outside for the annual Easter egg hunt.
For whatever reason, the 30 people suddenly becomes a hundred or more, probably because there’s money in some of the plastic eggs. The lawn is divided into several categories based on age.
The young children, often assisted by their parents, enjoy their hunt, as do the older kids. But it’s the senior citizens that get serious about things.
Greg’s grandmother, who’s in her 80s, was among those fighting over some plastic eggs and chocolate covered bunnies. I don’t think it was the loot involved as much as it was the pleasure of knowing she had found the eggs, including the “prize egg” that contained the biggest prize.
The fact that she’d just had knee surgery didn’t slow her down. Where there are eggs to be found, walkers apparently aren’t needed.
Greg and I usually don’t get into the egg hunt. He enjoys helping his grandmother – she can find the eggs, he will retrieve them for her – and I like to watch everyone. I never have liked Easter egg hunts. If I want candy, I will go to the store and purchase it, not stick my hand inside some moldy log that may contain a big snake as well as a little plastic egg.
We always have fun, though, watching everyone scurry around. And this year, we plan to introduce a slight wrinkle to the annual hunt.
I found a set of camouflage plastic eggs at the store recently. The outside of each egg is an ugly combination of brown, green and black. They will be perfectly hidden during the hunt.
My plans include sitting back and watching everyone look for these eggs. We all have our own ways of finding amusement and I guess this one is mine.