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Falkville Town Council

By Staff
Meeting minutes Feb. 7, 2006
Resolution No. 2006-03: Mayor Jimmie Walker explained that NARCOG was ready to enter into a contract with the Town of Falkville to prepare a comprehensive plan. He also stated this was something the planning commission had been trying to get done for quite some time. He asked for permission to execute said contract. Councilman Bob Wilson made the motion for Walker to execute the contract. Seconded by Councilman David Edmondson. All voted yea. Motion carried.
Resolution No. 2006-04: Approval of surplus items and disposal of; Walker explained the resolution and named a few of the items on the surplus list. Bennie Weaver inquired as to what we would do with the items. Walker stated if anyone wanted any of the items they could submit a bid. Councilwoman Anita Fowler moved for approval of the resolution. Seconded by Edmondson. All voted yea. Motion carried.
Resolution No. 2006-05: Approval of training requests for town employees; Walker announced the following upcoming training classes and requested that the council approve these employees to attend: Chris Free, police chief conference, Feb. 22-24 in Montgomery; Wilda Jeffers, Resource 2006, March 8-10 in Chattanooga, Tenn.; Belinda Ealey and Chris Free, regional seminars for court and police officials, March 9-10 in Huntsville; Eric Sawyer, Jeffrey Pike and Jimmie Walker, Alabama Rural Water Association annual meeting, March 13-14 in Mobile; Any employee who wishes to attend a loss control seminar, March 2 in Madison. Councilman Stiles moved to approve these employees to attend the training sessions. Seconded by Wilson. All voted yea. Motion carried.
Discussion of portable sewage pump: Walker explained the sewage pump at the school is obsolete. If the pump goes out, the town will have to rent a portable pump at the cost of $300 per day plus setup. It usually takes approximately two to three weeks to get one repaired. The town could buy a portable pump on a trailer for around $34,000 and it would be large enough to handle the load at the school, as well as any other pump in town. Stiles stated it could pay for itself in the first year. Walker recommended purchasing the pump. Larry Madison, attorney, said the town would have to take bids and could not specify brand names. Stiles made the motion to solicit bids for the portable pump. Seconded by Wilson. All voted yea. Motion carried.
Fire academy for Eric Sawyer: Sawyer requested permission to attend the Fire Academy in Decatur. He said it would be a 14-week workshop. However, because of previous training, he will only have to be gone about 10 weeks. He will use any time that he has built up. The price for training is $500-$800. Fowler moved to grant permission for Sawyer to attend the training. Seconded by Stiles. All voted yea. Motion carried.
Police chief: Stiles commented about the applications the town received for the position of police chief. Some very well-qualified people applied and the council appreciated the interest that was shown. However, he felt that the citizens of Falkville favored appointing Chris Free as police chief. Chris has been interim chief since the resignation of Chief Hanes and has done an excellent job. He also lives in town, which is a plus. Stiles also stated the council felt he should make himself available when Town Hall is open during the hours of Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.-4:30 p.m. His beginning salary will be $35,360 per year with a 5 percent increase after a probationary period of 90 days. Also, he will be re-evaluated after one year from his probationary period with another 5 percent increase if satisfactory. Stiles then moved to appoint Chris Free as police chief. Seconded by Wilson. All voted yea. Motion carried.
Patrol car: Wilson made the motion to reject the previous bids for the patrol car. Seconded by Edmondson. All voted yea. Motion carried. Wilson then made a motion to begin preparations for new bids. Seconded by Stiles. All voted yea. Motion carried. Walker appointed a committee to develop specifications for the new patrol car. That committee will consist of Chris Free, Bob Wilson and Bonnie Thompson.
Department reports: Councilwoman Fowler had no report; Councilwoman Thompson said the cemetery board will be accepting bids for the maintenance and upkeep of the Falkville City Cemetery until Feb. 28. Bid forms and specifications are available in the clerk's office during regular office hours. The new contract will go into effect April 1. Falkville Park &Rec will hold its regular monthly meeting Feb. 15 at 8:15 p.m. at Town Hall. She also welcomed Chris Free as new police chief; Councilman Stiles thanked the utility department for all their hard work; Mayor Walker announced that Eric Sawyer is the newest member on the planning commission; Councilman Edmondson had no report; Councilman Wilson had no report.
Walker opened the floor for any comments. Bennie Weaver asked for any bush hogging work that may be available. Larry Madison administered the oath of office of police chief to Chris Free. No further comments. Edmondson moved for adjournment.