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By Staff
New garbage system is a plus
I would like to express my excitement having found out Hartselle was changing to the new garbage system. I was pleased that Hartselle was going to the city furnished container for both garbage and yard waste as a lot of the other cities such as Decatur and Florence are already on this system.
I got familiar with this system when I lived in Decatur. The city provided containers are very durable and convenient. They provide safe storage of debris until pickup day comes to remove and dispose of. I really disliked the old system of piling yard waste in a pile by the street. The truck with the claw would come and scoop up the debris and it was difficult to collect everything without doing damage to the landscape.
Not to mention, the debris would remain in a pile for long periods of time, killing grass below and mowing was a pain. Forget about leaf piles as the wind usually got the pile before the waste truck did. I realize the city was short handed in picking up yard waste, so there wasn't more they could do.
I was surprised at the online poll regarding the change of garbage/yard waste pickup. Looks like results were like 49 to 51 percent for approval vs. disapproval. I personally feel once everyone gets familiar with the new schedule, they will be more than pleased with the change. It is more efficient and will definitely tidy up the appearance of Hartselle which is good for everyone.
Sharon Elliott