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Writer clarifies authorship
My name is Lora Ramey. I have a Shell Station in Hartselle. Many of my customers have approached me about letters written by Pamela Ramey. I would like to set the record straight. These letters have not been written by me. Her opinion may or may not reflect my opinion but I am not the one that wrote these letters. Thanks for setting the record straight.
Lora Ramey
Big money corrupts leaders
Influence is by far the largest single commodity bartered in and for Washington, D.C. Influenced government, particularly one momentarily influenced, is not a fair and legitimate democracy, but a biased, inequitable and unfair government. Congress controls itself and none wish to give up this gravy train perk; however, Congress must reform themselves, as well as others. Ethically and by policy, no element of government is to accept gratuities of any influencing magnitude. However, facts prove this to be mandatory and enforced only in lower echelons of government, the higher echelons ignoring rules, regulations and ethics as they peddle and accept influence.
All entertainment and gift gratuities should be illegal, except those less than a nominal non-influencing amount (about $25 to $100 per incident per month per individual) depending on cost area in which gratuity is offered and accepted. And political campaign contributions should be restricted in like manner ($100 to $1000 per incident per month per individual contributor) and amounts spent on the conduct of specific campaigns should be restricted to a fixed total for the entire campaign, varying only for the category of office sought ($15 million for representative, $23 million for senator and $50 million for president).
All funds received in excess of a fixed campaign amount should be donated to designated charities or turned over to designated government social or educational services. Distribution of such funds should begin upon reaching the designated campaign limit.
No amount of campaign funds shall be retained by the campaigning recipient for any purpose, including subsequent campaigns for the same or different office. This technique could quickly eliminate the national debt and securely fund Social Security, Medicare and Education.
We all envision and support an equal and democratic government, not a government bought and sold for the advantage of a few. Big money bias has no place in any society, particularly government.
James L. Nix