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Looking back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
Nov. 10, 1955 -Ronnie Sparkman was elected president of the 4-H Club at Hartselle Elementary School this morning.
Nov. 10, 1955-Twelve teenagers, all MCHS students, have been arrested this week, charged with destroying public property in the course of a Halloween shooting spree. Heavy damage was inflicted on neighborhood streetlights.
Nov. 11, 1955 -Mayor John Burleson signed a proclamation designating today as Veterans' Day in Hartselle. This is a solemn occasion honoring deceased soldiers of all American wars. Bobby Cain played taps following a memorial service at the Methodist church.
Nov. 11, 1955 -Cecil Johnson presented a check for $1,070 to Don Cordar, president of the MCHS "M" Club, at a pep rally at Riddle Auditorium this morning. The gift was a reward for the athletic club's signing up 107 new gas customers for the City of Hartselle. New athletic uniforms will be purchased by Coaches Tony Daniel, Herman Myers and J. P. Cain.
Nov. 12, 1955 -A daughter was born today to Mr. and Mrs. James Stephenson who reside on Hartselle 2.
Nov. 12, 1955 -Scotty Stone won the new Philco TV that was given away as a door prize following the recent showing of the new 1956 Chevys at Stewart Brothers.
Nov. 13, 1955 -Rhona Howell and Virginia Roberts, students at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, are the weekend guests of homefolks. Max Merrill and Joe Groover, U of A students, are also visiting relatives here.
Nov. 13, 1955 -J. J. Summerford, Jr., is the new leaseholder and operator of the downtown Standard Service Station, taking the place of Ralph Lauderdale. After working at the same station since 1932, Lauderdale decided on a change of scenery and will become manager of a new state park on the Elk River, west of Athens.
Nov. 14, 1955 -Junior Hill has been elected vice-president of the freshman class at Howard College. Howard has just recently moved to its new campus on Lakeshore Drive south of Birmingham.
Nov. 15, 1955 -Bonds on Hartselle's planned new municipal building went on sale today. In all, $100,000 worth of securities will be offered.
Nov. 15, 1955 -Mrs. Monte Black and Mrs. Carl Williams left today for Destin Beach, Florida, to spend a few days with Mr. Black at his new motel, the Capri.
Nov. 16, 1955 -Telephone service is being extended to residents along Vaughan Bridge Road and around Oak Ridge.