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Looking back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
Nov. 3, 1955 -J. P. Cain was a patient at Hartselle Hospital recently but is now back at home.
Nov. 4, 1955 -An extensive sprucing up operation was in evidence as Stewart Brothers Motor Company began showing the new 1956 model Chevrolets today.
Nov. 4, 1955 -B. S. Stover of Stover's Cash Store has stated that he will move his business in the near future into the building presently occupied by Black Furniture Company. The latter firm is now engaged in a closeout sale.
Nov. 5, 1955 -Jerry Putman is getting a lot of praise for his performance as the emcee at the recent MCHS talent show.
Nov. 5, 1955 -John Hodges has two photos in the current Popular Mechanics magazine.
Nov. 5, 1955 -Mrs. Opal C. Stewart and Mrs. Lee Palmer are among those attending homecoming at A.P.I. this weekend. Susan Stewart and Betty Palmer are Auburn coeds.
Nov. 6, 1955 -"The Phenix City Story" begins a two-day run at the Ranch Drive-in Theatre tonight. This movie was filmed completely in the formerly corrupt southeast Alabama community and captures the real atmosphere of what was definitely a "sin-town." It will be recalled that last year, in June, Albert Patterson, the newly elected attorney general, was murdered by town racketeers and the state militia had to be called in to close the wide-open gambling joints and other vice dens.
Nov. 7, 1955 -Vaughan Bridge and its present state of impassability will be carried to Montgomery to the desk of Governor James Folsom tomorrow morning. Representatives Albert Brewer and Bob Gilchrist are both interested boosters in the drive to reopen Vaughan Bridge, now impassable because of its deplorable condition. The state will be asked to finance a new bridge over Flint Creek since the county has no funds for the project.
Nov. 8, 1955 -The annual homecoming celebration and football game of the Morgan County Training School is slated for tomorrow. Principal I. F. Stallworth has announced elaborate plans for this event.
Nov. 9, 1955 -Hubert R. Mitchell has purchased the Strand Theatre. Mr. Mitchell has long-range plans for the show house which include the promise that it will become one of the town's most important assets in the relatively near future.